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Welcome to San Andreas, United States of America Roleplay (SAUSARP), a brand new FiveM server released within the last 24 hours of this post! We have been working on this server for an incredibly long time and are finally so happy to have released it.

We have a great and upcoming community with an active Discord and custom vehicles. We also have continuously active staff who monitor the server at all times to prevent any abuse. We’re also currently looking for staff who can help us with administering our server.

Our developers and high ranks are continuously open to people’s ideas and are almost always more than likely to implement them! We work based on community feedback.

Our server is hosted in New York with an all-timezone staff team.

If you’re interested in joining or have any questions, we have a great Discord with some great people to get along with!
We also have a website if you wish to find more information about the server before joining it.

Join Today!: SAUSARP | Just Released! | Custom Cars | Serious RP | Anyone Can Be A Cop | Public Giveaways | Majorly Active Staff | vMenu / Cfx.re
Website: https://sausarp.xyz/
Discord: SAUSARP Discord Community
CAD: http://cad.sausarp.xyz/