Sapphire Coast Roleplay Whitelisted | Serious/Story Driven RP | Custom Drugs | Whitelisted Jobs | Gangs and more | NOW OPEN IN BETA!

Sapphire Coast Roleplay

Hello and welcome to Sapphire Coast Roleplay, the home of Serious Story Driven Roleplay. Currently we are in alpha but are looking for members to come and tell their story. We are an active roleplay community with Civilian Events, Law Enforcement (Open applications for all departments), Fire/EMS (Actively accepting applications), active government with Mayor Job, voting, and much more!

Whitelisted Jobs

  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Services (Nurse, Doctors, Paramedics)
  • Department of Justice (attorneys, lawyers, Judges, Bailiffs)
  • Department of Corrections (Corrections officers, Wardens)

Player Owned Restaurants and Businesses

  • Hornys
  • UwU Cafe
  • Up N Atom
  • Kois
  • Clicklovers
  • Bennys
  • Redline
    and more!

Criminal Activities and Gangs

  • Custom Robberies/Heists
  • Custom Drugs
  • Ever changing Black Market (Locations and Items for sale)
  • Whitelisted Gangs (application opening soon!)

Are you looking for somewhere to tell your story? Well look no further, weather you are looking to join a gang, open a restaurant, start a business, be a criminal mastermind, or join the first responders of San Andreas, Sapphire Coast will allow you to tell your story and make your story true and authentic. So, what are you waiting for, come check us out. Join our discord and check out our website below!


June 4th Changelog

  • New LEO Fleet added (Pending Liveries)
  • Money Laundering Added
  • New Ingredients added for Player Businesses

Law Enforcement Openings
Blue Emerald is now accepting applications for anyone interested in working the Law Enforcement field. All departments (LSPD, BCSO, SAST) are hiring at this time.

Fire/EMS applications will be opening up in the next week or so. WE have an amazing fire script which features automated fires in random locations, and various types. Working Fire hoses, with foam. Creating a very immersive Fire experience.

June 7th Changelog

  • Fixed Bugs with Civilian Jobs
  • Added NPC Valet
  • New Buildings Added
  • Functional TVs Added
    A more in-depth changelog can be found on our discord

We have officially opened up our applications for Fire and EMS at this time. We are super excited to see what our members can do with our fully immersive Fire and EMS departments. What to rescue someone who is stuck in a car? Or how about make some ones day better after they fell off of their skateboard. As a member of the SAFR or SAMS, you can!

Want to learn more about our departments, or join one of our departments. Check out our discord bellow and apply today!

June 20th Changelog

  • Gang Menu Deployed
  • Refreshed Hud
  • Fully Functioning Mech Shops with Mechanics Deployed
    A More in-depth changelog can be found on our discord

Open Applications
We currently have open applications for all areas of Fire, EMS, Police, and much more. We are working on opening up more gangs and are close to opening up our whitelisted gang apps. All departments have plenty of openings and are egger to get their employees trained.

We are nearing the completion of our Department of Justice System and our Department of Corrections system. Currently we are working on how we will handle and run our court system. WE intend to open up the Department of Justice within the month and the Department of Corrections following shortly behind.

Want to come see what we are all about? Come check us out on our discord bellow and become whitelisted today!

July 1st Changelog

  • New House Robberies
  • Mining System Deployed
  • New Weapons Added
    A More in-depth changelog can be found on our discord

We have currently opened the server to allow for new members to join and fill out a whitelist app. Once accepted into the Whitelist you are more than welcome to take a flight into the city and come see what Blue Emerald is all about.

Want to come see what we are all about? Come check us out on our discord bellow and become whitelisted today!

Middle of the Month Update

Hello everyone, it has been a little while since our last update was made here. Since that update we have done a lot of changes. Our businesses now have changing rooms, squashed a few bugs that we had found, and have started to roll out some cool new things.

Fire Job
One of our bigger updates is that we have started to finalize our Fire job for those members who want to get their feet wet, and help the citizens in need. Some features of our Fire job:

  • Supply Lines for our engines
  • Functional Fire Hoses
  • Water Monitor Cannons that can be placed near the fire
  • Rescue tools for car accidents (Jaws, Airbags, etc.)
  • Fans for smoke evacuation
  • Fire Pager system

We have a lot more cool features coming over the next few months, and we are super excited to show you all of them.

Want to come see what we are all about? Come check us out on our discord bellow and become whitelisted today!

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Beta Launch!

I am pleased to announce that Sapphire Coast RP is officially open and launched into Beta! We are excited to welcome everyone into the city and enjoy everything it has to offer. The server has had a complete face lift and we hope everyone who stops by enjoys what we have brewed up for everyone to see.

New Features

  • Scuba Diving Activity
  • Functioning Mech Shops
  • New Civilian Jobs
  • Balanced Economy
  • New LEO system
  • New Medical System
  • New Dispatch System

We hope you all enjoy the new updates and the future updates we have coming!

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Now Accepting Applications for PD and EMS

Our applications are now open for PD and EMS personal to signup and get hired.

Our Current Benefit Offers are:

  • Immediate Training
  • Past Experience Honoring
  • Fast Promotions
  • Fully Functioning Patrol Fleet
  • Air 1 and Angel 1 Certifications
  • Active FTO’s

We have also recently pushed a minor update for our criminal masterminds, adding in a new and improved system for house robberies, as well as a few minor changes and improvement to our black markets and crafting systems.

Media Highlights from Community Members:

Sapphire Coast RP is now open and staff are actively looking through Whitelist applications as they come in. If you are interested in joining stop by our discord and check us out today!


This server is awesome! I’ve known the devs/owners/admins from other servers and they are the best in the biz! Try this server today!

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We are happy to have you here, and are happy to hear you are enjoying the city!

LSPD’s First Police Academy

The Sapphire Coast LSPD held it first academy tonight with community involvement teaching our new and veratrin officers, the skills needed to protect and serve the city. Officers are now honed in on their skills and ready to get out on patrol.

Leaving Beta

The Sapphire Coast Staff team is happy to announce that we are in the final stages of beta and are nearing being ready to leave beta and fully launch! Here are some recent community changes:

  • Economy Balancing
  • Updated and balanced vehicle prices
  • Improved Civilian Job Payouts
  • Improved Fishing Payouts
  • Added commission for Restaurants, Mechs, and Government Jobs
  • New Activities on the Pier

We are currently hiring for PD, EMS, and DOJ. All Jobs are open and interviews are happening daily!

Our city is growing fast and we are loving seeing and meeting every new member that joins. Come see what we are all about and join in on the fun today at Sapphire Coast RP!