Sandy LTD station #1 v1.2 (MLO)

hey this looks amazing! Would it be possible for a video preview? Would love to see the whole digs! Thank you and well done!

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my man allways doing great things :wink:

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yes its planned for v2 as v1 isnt anything fancy yet

if you have bought this and want the update please dm me your name and order number

When I first seen this I was like wtf, purchased it and you know I’m actually impressed, for an $8 interior worth the 8 bucks. Changed to my local currency became $11 which to be honest I’m not complaining. It’s a nice touch to sandy. Will make fierce business being a 24hr LTD and a 24/7 next door :rofl::rofl:

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Nice MLO. I suggest your next MLO should be replacing the 24/7 next door to something different but still fits the area.

Ironically that’s what I said

1.5 will be ready tomorrow!

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Is it tomorrow yet? lol

Is there a way to stop the tanker from spawning in and exploding inside the service garage?

Ooof didn’t even know there was updates to this :joy:

Hey all!

Hope everything is well, i liked the map so much i figured i would release this for you all!

This gets rid of the vehicle generators around the entire gas station. A simple drag n drop script.

sandygascarno!.zip (1.3 KB)

Let me know if you have any issues.



Bruh so what about all the people that paid? are you refunding them?

The download above is just gets rid of the vehicle spawners on the map thats all; I thought initially the same thing too, don’t worry

I figured i would say this for who are confused…

This gets rid of the vehicle generators around the entire gas station.


thank you ill add that as a option for the next update sorry for no updates as of late im working on lods for all the buildings and removing all props moved under ground properly for fps boost and making that LTD mlo a standalone for custom texturing just taking longer as im working more hours but im off these 2 days and will pump out some updates

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I’m excited! :grinning:

Update will be packed and ready here in a bit,

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update taking longer then expected will be ready by tonight

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Works great. Thank you