Sandy Flecca v1 (MLO)

Make sure you do not have any dup base game ymaps!
-Patches has been made for my mods!

Sandy Bank v1
Package includes
Male/Female EUP! 1.1 update
1 models
1 mlo
new revamp location!

Patch - for Sandy LTD

  • Games files and a readme.txt to help the install

Know bugs and will be fixed with patches

Support Link can be found in the tebex page

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Not gonna lie, it’s a bit expensive for a moved building? Unless, it’s got a custom inside??

what would be a fair price for this im working on more things for it custom EUP and a bank heist

How you’ve edited the price is a decent price to be fair Nodders – Also, cannot wait to see what you come out with in terms of scripts. Are they gonna be compatible with other frameworks or what are your plans with that?

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mainly ESX maybe ported to other frameworks if needed