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Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am here from a small but yet appreciative community by the name of SANDOJRP aka San Andreas Northside DOJRP. We are a very community based server, taking suggestions and implementing them where we feel is needed as well as taking polls from our community to vote on changes within our server. If you’d love to join us on our wild ride and adventures to come for the future. You’ve come to the perfect place, we are looking for some members in high places and some more department members. We have staff positions open, seeing as we want to be able to build a professional and all together staff team from the ground up. We have 3 active departments those being BCSO/LCSO, LSPD/SVPD, and SAHP. We have a wide variety of EUP options those being for civilian and law enforcement, custom civilian clothing to enhance and change the diversity of roleplay. We have a variety of civilian cars that make the server more on the realism side with custom server sided vehicle sounds and custom server sided LEO sirens, which will be later implemented into fire and rescue as well. We would love for you to stop by and check us out, we understand not everyone appeals to the things we like as well which is completely understandable. Hopefully I see you there!

Opened Positions

  • Chief of Fire and Rescue (Submit an LOI)
  • Head of Staff (Submit an LOI)
  • Staff Positions
  • Department Positions
  • Civilian Department Positions
  • SVPD Chief Position (Submit an LOI to PD Chief)

Filled Positions

  • BCSO/LCSO Sheriff Position
  • LSPD Chief Position
  • SAHP Commissioner Position

Thank you, SANDOJRP Founder Team. :grinning:
Discord: Discord Click the link for free brownies! :grin:
Official Tiktok: SANDOJRP Offical Tiktok (@sandojrp.official) | TikTok

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