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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give an update to our main post bio… at the time of posting (Jan 12th), we had 35ish ownable and player operated stores within the world. I am proud to announce today that we have hit 90!

These are indepth player management scripts that require stocking and price competition between other players! Stores range from 24/7s, RC Cars, Autopart stores, Dealerships, Mechanics, and many more! Additionally, we even has 3 player custom stores that have very specific items that those players requested to be in their shops.

If your looking for realism and independence to operate your own stores and generate in game money - then SAVRP has the place for you!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to announce that we are looking for staff positions to be filled, that include up to department manager.

Staff applicants are required to spend at least a week or two in server to understand how we operate and the SAVRP style of gameplay + to learn and get a good understanding of our server exclusive scripts and codings.

Please join the discord if you think you might fit the bill.


Join in or create a team of 4 players, for your chance at 100K ingame cash per team member!

BCFD is always hiring

SAVRP is hosting its first ever Purge! From 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM (EST) ALL Emergency Response Operations will be down, as the valley “cleanses” itself!

There will be multiple mini events with all types of prizes, from in-game money to free vehicles!

Last Second Server Event Announcement!

Rumor has it, that the Pacific Bank is going to have a Heist attempt today!

Emergency services, please report to your department head for planning.

Civs, please get with Makwa as he is leading the Civ/Underground efforts!

****************** This event will be streamed by multiple people, as such, server rules will be heavily enforced *****************