San Andreas Valley Roleplay | ESX based - Realism Server. Departments, Drift Tracks, Businesses, Dealerships, SAVRP Custom designed assets... Endless Possibilities

SAVRP will be looking to bring in new staff members! Feel free to join and apply!

SAVRP is currently looking to hire in a 0-2 for BCSO!

Apply within the discord!

We are also looking for an entire department for our State Troopers. We have the EUP (Male and Female), as well as the vehicles - all custom liveried to our server, already ready… just need someone looking for a chance to run a department and grow with the server :smiley:

Hi Everyone!

SAVRP has crossed the bridge of realism by fully removing vMenu and switching to a whole hosts of premium scripts!

For starters we are using codesigns Multicharacter (yes finally the ability to have more characters!!)

Our inventory, housing, and garage are all made by the quasar team!

And for ownable stores, dealerships, gas stations, etc - its all through Lixerios development!

Come on by and check it out!

SAVRP is looking for an active and experience department head to come and run our San Andreas Valley Highway Patrol or our Los Santos Police Department.

We have full EUP (Male/Female) Custom to SAVHP and LSPD, Along with a fleet of vehicles that we Liveried in house to match our sleek blue uniforms for highway, or our Black Uniforms for PD.

As a department head it will be your responsibility to Stock your departments Armory with equipment ranging from guns, ammo, tasers, stun guns, riot shields, megaphones, radios, etc - While also selectively assigning the equipment out to your trained troopers.

In addition to maintain supplies for your department, its your responsibility to ensure your fleet of vehicles are taken care of! This includes purchasing them for your department, having a department mechanic or contract a offsite mechanic to add vehicle extras or remove, set the vehicles livery, all while also keep track of vehicles mileages due to our integrated vehicle maintence scripts.

As an officer/trooper/deputy in SAVRP - you can find yourself on patrols with player interactions as well as a MULTIDUE of NPC interaction scripts that range from AI Store Robberies to full blown bank/yacht heists that trigger randomly!

For department Tools outside of the server, we use Sonoran CAD, Sonoran Radios, Sonoran CMS, etc etc.

Here as SAVRP we strove to provide the MOST realistic experience we could give to any player, regardless of rank or position, and after 2 year of development - script purchasing - car liverying and EUP to provide a one of a kind experience… We can confidently say weve done just that.

Apply today!

Looking to RP as a firefighter, in a fully immersive way?

Tired of just sitting at stations and forcing your way into RP because there’s nothing to do?
Well your in luck!

Join SAVRPs BCFD - where we have a full fleet of livery matched and custom to SAVRP on over 30 vehicles for the department! Between the highly immersive random fires + scenario generations, as well as EMT missions for NPCs - you will always have things to do, with or without player calls!

Scripts we are using:

  • Random Fire and Random Scenarios
  • Working Fire lines, with connectable water tankers and flow system
  • Working Fire Tools (fans, jaws of life, axes, medbags, roof poles, etc)
  • Working SCBA and Pass alarms
  • Station Alarms
  • EMT/EMS integrated NPC Missions and Scenarios
  • Boss Has fully integrated menu for automatic time keeping and fleet management
  • Sonoran CAD, Sonoran CMS, and Sonoran Radio

Join SAVRP and Apply Today!

Desert Island Offroad Rally - Race Event!

We have plenty of rally vehicles in server at dealerships + plus a ton (including exclusives) at the Dono shop.

I have also decided that if we get 15+ participants, that the top 3 racers will also get donator coins (60, 40, 20), on top of the regular prizes. don’t worry about getting crashed by another player, or desync taking you out of the race either, as these will be time trails! So, a 100% fair race for all players!

Sat Sep 17th · 8:00 PM


The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is a whitelisted department that provides safety in the State of San Andreas Valley. With our wide variety that includes 37+ Vehicles with custom liveries, Multiple Custom Uniforms, 10+ Subdivisions and multiple LEO ESX Scripts, we are one of the most unique departments out there whether . Our job here is to patrol county grounds, giving out the safety the community wants. Not only do we provide this safety to the streets and houses, but also the area around including local nature grounds, lakes and parks. We provide safety throughout the majority of San Andreas Valley.

The Blaine County Sheriffs Office has multiple positions open such as:

  • Captain - Captain 4 (High Supervisor)

  • Sergeant - Master Sergeant (Supervisor in Training - Supervisor)

  • Probationary - Deputy 2

The Blaine County Sheriffs Office has multiple Subdivisions ready to be opened such as:

  • Special Response Team

  • Gang Narcotics Task Force Unit

  • Criminal Investigation unit

  • Parks and Wildlife (Game Warden)

  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

  • Search And Rescue

  • Traffic Enforcement Unit

  • K-9 Unit

  • Air Services Unit

Join Now !

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