San Andreas State Trooper Texture Pack (Blue and Yellow)

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Note:Please do not reupload this file or claim this as your own I work really hard on these for other peoples enjotment please do not ruin it for others

This is a texture pack for San an Andreas State Police/San Andreas State Trooper. I honestly just saw a cool pic of a police car and decided it would look good in game so I don’t know where it is based off of but if you do not you can leave it in the comments and ill make sure its mentioned


Step 1:Download this file

Step 2:Open your open IV and go to where the vehicle you would like to put the texture on is located

Step 3:Double click and open the ytd file of the vehicle you want to install it to and then if you would like to add the texture then name it the next number up from what is already inside of the ytd for EX:chrg_sign_1 you would name the texture from this file chrg_sign_2 so just change the number and then once you have done that then just drag and drop the texture from this file into the ytd and save and exit(btw do not worry if it says that OpenIV has stopped responding it will still upload)

Step 4 Enjoy!

------------Vehicles Included---------------
2011 Crown Victoria
2015 Dodge Charger
2016 Ford Explorer

Note: THESE ARE ONLY TEXTURES these are not full on vehicles do not download if you are anticipating these being full on vehicles thats why there is “Texture Pack” in the title and thats why the pictures ae textures and not vehicles

Kindly Leave any suggestions you have for future projects in the comments or you can DM me please and thank you

Download San Andreas State Police Pack.rar (849.9 KB)

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Show Photo’s Please

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Removed advertisement


@Darkdemon57682 I suggest that you clarify that these are ONLY textures and there aren’t any vehicles included in this texture pack as it will confuse a lot of people.


Thanks for Removing that

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I support this people who make skins Need to let others know it’s ONLY a skin not a full working car

Hey everyone so sorry for the bad upload, I was really tired when I uploaded this pack and I uploaded the pack without any pictures or note that this was a texture pack and I also advertised which I now know not to do thank you all for understanding and have a great day

Thank you for the suggestion I made sure to note that at the bottom where the download button is so no one can miss it

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why am i getitng notifyed becuse of everymove on here