San Andreas State RP | You might be interested ;) | Happy November!

Hello! I am Dave from Sasrp!
We have created together an awesome RP experience with in the community. We are still looking for department heads to run our departments. We are a california styled server. We have many things in the server that you probably have not seen before. That makes the great RP experience. We do have our own CAD/MDT with in the server and in the future there is going to be a framework for characters and Emergency Services.

Are we whitelisted?

Why are we whitelisted?
We are whitelisted because we want to keep the player base on ease and fair!

Why should you join?
You should join us because this community is still a project but a growing one. Your help is needed.
We can get patrols running soon as possible when you join, get your trainings and interviews done.
It is fairly easy to join!

What departments do we have?
In our community our departments are,
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Los Santos Fire Department
San Andreas Communications


Removed un used scripts, vehicles and mappings from the server. Fixed Fire Department vehicles.
Added EUP, Fixed broken FBI EUP. Fixed server huge ping. Fixed cayo perico, now it is a place to live.


Removed scripts that were not on use. Fixed the fire department ladder. Server is now more lag and Dsync free. Now have a cleaner experience while rping.

Department Head

SAHP - Not Taken
LSPD - Taken
BCSO - Taken
SAFD - Taken
Comms - Not Taken
Civilian - Taken

I am creating this server to be clean, fun and realistic mostly. SASRP is California based with its laws. It currently has everything needed to run a patrol what its called. I am looking torwards getting your suggestions to the server, what maybe has to be fixed or changed?

Interested maybe? Have any questions or unsure of what to do? Join the discord here!
Application found in discord

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Bump! Update.


I have started working on the development of the FiveM server. Everything is put in and ready to go. There are no bugs or lags currently in the server, or not have been found. Clean experience while driving around. Server runs around 100-300ping and people around 40-120ping. Not much of dSync or lag anymore.


Change Log

Brand new discord opened up! There are free department head slots for LSPD, SAHP, Comms and Fire Department. Contact me from the discord server if you are interested! My name on the discord is
Dave K. | 101

New Discord Link!


I have recreated the hole EUP scene. We have EUP version 9.0! It is not out in the forums! This has many more features and the menu as well is better. You will fell in love with it!

When you go to vMenu and select your girl character, then open EUP menu, it i will only show the Female options for eup. When you select your male character from the vMenu, it will only show the male EUP!

Added Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

Its looking fine :wink:

Server Update

Updated the blaine county sheriff’s office EUP. Now works perfectly fine with the EUP menu.
Started working on Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department style LSSD.


As we see that Christmas, New Year and 2022 is coming. We in the community decided to add something very new to legion square Los Santos!

Great server with a great staff team!!! Would highly recommend joining!

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Server Bump

2 Weeks from now there is going to be an update. It is going to be a surprise for the people in the community. It is going to be one of the biggest updates ever.

Too everyone new reading this. This is a new but amazing sever with a great community and a great owner to it it’s a blast and a lot of fun with some cool stuff in it. it’s always being worked on frequently so if there are any problems everything is fixed right then and there and solved. We got everything u name it cops civs fire department medics shit there is even a military u can apply for. My good friend Dave will take all applications and look over them buts it’s a fun ass community so come try out SASRP what’s the worst that could happen!!!

There is going to be a new update coming fairly soon in1-2 weeks. Which we are going to be looking in Standalone Economy. I don’t know what people think.