San Andreas State Roleplay | Looking For Department Heads and Staff

Hey there looking to join a growing community? Well you have come to the right place! You may ask, what does this community have that is so special? Well here is a list of thing we offer. We are searching for department heads and are welcoming people to a staff position. We have vehicles that only you will own and nobody else will be able to drive them, and if you want your own EUP in the server, let us know! We have cool custom vehicles. We have great custom EUP for every department. And alot more! In San Andreas State Roleplay we take our RP very seriously and we welcome newcomers. If you want to join a growing RP community, please consider joining. We are a big group of family and love to have others join us. If you can keep a realistic base to your RP and you are professional, you are welcome to join. Please consider joining our community!!!

San Andreas State Roleplay