San Andreas State DOJRP (SASDOJRP)

San Andreas State DOJRP

San Andreas State Department Of Justice, we are a server that is willing to do what we can to make the members have the most enjoyable time on the server. To do this we have added a myriad of different options for you to consider. Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Certified Civilian, Federal Aviation Administrations, Communications and many volunteer departments as well for you to test out what suits you the most!

What do we have to offer?

Custom EUP. We have a range of custom eup within the server that is paid for, we have this for most of our departments. So that they look professional as possible and what makes you stand out when you are going on duty within these departments.

Custom Vehicles. We have a large range of custom vehicles for our departments that we have paid for so that you feel you are in the best vehicles for when you are out patrolling. We also have custom made liveries for our LEO departments made by one of our own Texture Developers.

Custom Civilian Vehicles. We have a large amount of civilian vehicles that are free for you to use when you join the server. You can get the spawn codes to these within the discord server and we have over 300+ custom vehicles already in the server.


San Andreas State Police
Los Santos Police Department (Coming Soon)
Blaine County Sheriff Office
San Andreas Fire Department
Certified Civilians Department
San Andreas Communications Department
Federal Aviation Administration
Public Cop
Volunteer Firefighter
And more to come as we continue to grow our player base!

San Andreas State Police

San Andreas State Police is proud to serve San Andreas and keep the streets safe. It is the biggest department within the server so far. And it continues to grow for its greatness. SASP has a strong high command who have provided the greatest fleet of vehicles it possibly could and the greatest skins to go along with them. We have numerous subdivisions:

Air Unit

We have these subdivisions set up so that you can enhance your roleplay and expand what you would like to do within the department.

Why should you join us?

  • We have an active Staff Team
  • A server with a good community to great fun RP
  • CAD/MDT (We use Rocket CAD)
  • We have an active support team that are there to help you with any problems
  • We have an active Development Team that is always working on making the server better
  • We are a 32 Slot server
  • Active streamers within the discord to get to know them and their RP

+1 I recommend joining this server. I have been it in for some time now, and have no issues with it, very friendly people, and people always there to help. For the time I have been on this server I have enjoyed every minute of it. 10/10 I recommend joining this server.