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I highly suggest this server to anyone looking for a nice, lore, and friendly server. After being in this server since December 2019, I haven’t gotten sick of it they always add new things and the members make this server what it can be. It really is a enjoyable experience, and if you ever have a chance to check it out, I highly suggest you do. I would also like to point out how most of my closet discord friends I met on here, so it is a experience you will remember if you enjoy the lore of GTA V because i can assure that there is no unlore car or weapon in this server.

Server Update - 8th September 2020

A lot has been added since the last update, so:

  • We now have a Twitter account! Head over to to check that out

  • We also have a website! Head to to check that out

  • New Vehicles:
    Vulcar Nebula Wagon by Vanillaworks Team
    Declasse Alamo by IlayArye (replaces Granger 1500LX)
    Declasse Alamo Retro by w/
    Dozer Trailer by Vanillaworks Team
    Bravado Buffalo Pack by bravo1charlie
    Karin Kuruma Stock by Nexon
    JoBuilt Rubble by w/
    Annis ZR-150 by Vanillaworks Team
    Ubermacht Vorstand by Boywond
    Karin Sultan Basic by 13StewartC

  • Added in all the vehicles from the Summer DLC

  • New scripts added:
    Tire slash script
    Freecam script

  • New Interiors Added:
    Elite House
    Updated Burgershot
    Venice Beach House

Plus a number of member-exclusive updates!

Server Update - 22nd November 2020

I’m pretty bad at keeping on top of these…

  • Rules have been made into a PDF, with a shortened version on the loading screen & in our information channel. View the rules at

  • We are now using FiveM’s native keybind system for all keybinds. You can now customise various keybinds from the Settings -> Keybinds menu.

  • Added in a PLD settings menu, allowing you to customise the Player Location Display.

  • Added in the ability to toggle engine on and off - an overdue update.

  • New Vehicles Added:
    Improved Vapid Riata by bravo1charlie
    Bravado Buffalo S by sas994
    Schyster Champion by Introvert
    Benefactor Retro Pack by ydrop
    Surfer CCC pack by ydrop
    Bravado Banshee Phase One by Vanillaworks Team
    Improved Declasse Voodoo by w/
    Dewbauchee SuperGTS by LamboFreak
    Dundreary Landstalker Improved by IlayArye
    Hijak Vertice by Vanillaworks Team
    Karin Ariant by LamboFreak
    Maibatsu Penumbra Retro by RezaM39
    RUNE Ajvar by TheBDuck
    RUNE Chopin Trefl by TheBDuck
    Ubermacht Sentinel SG3 pack by 13Stewartc
    Ubermacht Seraph XS by 13StewartC
    Vulcar Hachura R by Vanillaworks Team
    Willard Solair Sedan by chouhanaxer

  • New Interiors Added:
    Blackrose Restaurant by TheMorgan
    FIB Grab Office by Alex106
    Vagos Hideout by PablitoMamutoPaputo
    GSD Lost MC Clubhouse by geekbear
    Paleto Bay Rest Area by geekbear
    Submarine Interior by geekbear

  • Added in a seatbelt system and script, designed to be easy-to-use and not irritating.

  • Added in the amazing San Andreas State Parks pack by bravo1charlie

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Server Update - 25th November 2020

No, I’m not the same guy who usually writes these. Surprise! I’m filling in for the OP, our server director, who is fighting his nemesis on top of an abandoned clock tower.

All of these server sided features are courtesy of Bozza.

Server Update - 26th November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! :turkey:

I’m not the same guy who usually writes these, filling in for our server director, who has messed with the wrong people and has gotten himself into some serious sh*t.

And to end this update, here are a few more pictures of the content from previous update, namely new tactical clothing options from EUP Beta 8.9, represented by the Rockford Hills Police SWAT, and a picture of our lovely RHPD Traffic Scout by Bozza in action.

Server Update - 7th December 2020

I’m not the same guy who usually writes these, filling in for our server director, who is staying off the grid until things cool down.

Server Update - 17th of December 2020

  • Added the vehicles from The Cayo Perico Heist update.
    These are the Dinka Verus, BF Weevil, Vapid Winky, Pegassi Toreador, Mammoth Squaddie, Vetir, Maibatsu Machez Scout, Grotti Brioso 300, Western Annihilator Stealth, Sparrow, Kraken Avisa, Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy, Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat and the Shitzu Longfin.
    A selection worthy of one of the biggest narcobarons in the Americas.
    Land and air based vehicles

    Waterborne vessels

  • Added the reworked LSPD Mission Row interior by breze.
    Turns out, a police building doesn’t have to smell of voided bowels and gun powder. It can also smell of cheap Swedish pre-cut furniture.


  • Added a new LSPD Scout by actuallytoxic.
    A full showcase can be seen here: Scout
    This police SUV took the law enforcement market by storm when it was first introduced. There’s about to be a few more, roaming the streets.

    (screenshot courtesy of Officer91)

  • Added the Buckingham Valkyrie by IlayArye for LSPD, LSFD and LSCoFD, with liveries made by our Deputy Fire Chief, FrstRspndr.
    Instantly recognizable to any connoisseur of military-themed action movies, this is one of the few survivors of the 1960s war effort that the American government is still willing to invest in. Mere sigh of it’s imposing profile had the locals running for their lives back in 'Nam, so it should prove popular with local gang populace. Wait, these things don’t have the door mounted miniguns? Not even the police one?
    LSPD Variant

    LSFD Variant

    LSCoFD Variant

  • Added the Police Shield by xander1998.
    Also known by its retail name, the Infiltrator Penetrator™.

  • Added the 311 Non-Emergency contact into the phone.
    A second rate government hotline for second rate calls, YourSA 311 cares. Kind of.

  • Added the Enhanced Utility Truck by PNWParksFan. Noone really thought that something as boring as public works can feel so militarized. BRUTE sought to fix that.

  • Misc. adjustments to scripts, Discord server, sirens and horns. We’ve added the Groovy bot into our discord, so that you can share just how terrible/awesome your music taste is with the rest of the channel.

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Arguably late as hell to the party, but the Law Enforcement department wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :slightly_smiling_face: And no, that’s not all of us, just a nice vertical slice.

(image credit: Officer91)

Server Update - 1st of January 2021

I’m not the same guy who usually writes these, filling in for our server director, who is currently standing in the rain, in front of the house where the love of his life lives, holding a boombox over his head.

Server Update – 12th of January 2021

I’m not the same guy who usually writes these, filling in for our server director, who is currently in Timbuktu, uncovering the secrets surrounding his father’s mysterious disappearance.

That fire engine looks really cool

Server Update - 1st of February 2021

I’m not the same guy who usually writes these, filling in for our server director, who is currently stumbling along a highway in a bathrobe, having no recollection of who he is.

Server Update - 1st of March 2021 - The Interior Update™

I’m not the same guy who usually writes these, filling in for our server director, who is currently campaining for Proposition 208.

Big thank you to Nacho for letting us use these two beta vehicles!

Added the following civilian vehicles:

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