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Big nice, this server is.

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Server Update - 10th October 2019

  • Added in a diner interior, and a WIP nightclub interior. Pretty cool stuff.

  • We had our first 32 player patrol on the 5th of October. Pretty cool.

  • We hit 100 registered server members today. Also pretty cool.

  • ID system has been updated. You’ll only see player IDs when the [Delete] key is held down - same key to show the player list. Less casual metagaming, more casual roleplaying!

  • New trailer, showcasing some of our unique and cool vehicles

We now have an Instagram account - check it out for our various pictures of server stuffs.

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Server Update - 24th October 2019

  • Added a bunch of new vehicles:
    Ubermacht Sentinel XS improved
    Mammoth Patriot Classic
    Vapid Stanier STD
    Dundreary Landroamer

  • CAD has been updated with a bunch of things.

  • Penal code has been updated with a bunch of new things.

  • Added in a bunch of Mr Brown’s excellent interiors.

  • Added in the Grapeseed Interior pack.

  • Updated the pause menu map with new blips for things like motels and such.

  • We’ve added in cable cars at the Pala Springs Ariel Tramway, for improved Mt Chiliad roleplay. Thanks to Glitchdetector for the script.

  • Optimised the server, removed unneccesary scripts. Enjoy the extra frames per second.

  • Bunch of new member-exclusive things. Want to know what? Apply for server membership!

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Server Update - 9th November 2019

  • Added in a bunch of new interiors:
    Larry’s RV Sales by Yuri
    LS Customs Interior Improvements by Yuri
    Bahama Mamas fix by Yuri
    The Bay Medical Centre by Yuri
    West Vinewood Bean Machine by UncleJust

  • Added in a bunch of new vehicles:
    Maibatsu Mule Tipper
    Dinka Jester Classic Improved
    Annis ZR-380 Custom
    Obey Argento
    Obey Tailgater v6 Sport
    Ubermacht Oracle V12 Lowrider
    Ubermacht Oracle STD
    Annis Elegy RH8-X

  • Been overhauling our streetlabel script. Not only is AOP functionality directly integrated, it’s also safezone and map sensitive. If you disable your map, it will hide itself. And if you adjust your safezone, it will also move.

  • Improved /cam functionality.

  • Added in the casino vehicles and casino building with interior.

  • Added in the guidehud loading screen/information screen.

  • Added in dp Emotes script, for overhauled emote functionality.

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Server Update - 26th November 2019

  • Added a bunch of new interiors:
    Digital Den Interior by UncleJust
    Paleto Bay Fire Department Interior by Yuri

  • Added a custom LSFD station in Downtown Los Santos.

  • Improved /me functionality, added a /gme command.

  • Added in a bunch of new vehicles:
    MTL Ramvan
    Karin Futo Hatchback N2 Spec
    Karin Futo Hatchback 6STR
    Cheval Surge Arrester
    Vapid Caracara 4x4 Stock
    Vapid Sandking SWB Stock

  • Added LST, BCTA, coach and airline ticket options to the CAD.

  • Various other updates to the CAD.

Server Update - 18th December 2019

Well, it’s been a while since the last update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added a bunch of new interiors:
    Bolingbroke Prison Entrance by Yuri
    Pillbox Hill Medical Centre by Gabz
    East Los Santos Autocare by Gabz
    Downtown Cab Co by UncleJust
    Del Perro Police by PablitoMamutoPaputo
    Taco Restaurant by PablitoMamutoPaputo
    Downtown Restaurant by PablitoMamutoPaputo

  • Added a couple of new vehicles:
    MTL Ladder Truck by MarcelR and Monky
    MTL Brickade Semi by GOM

  • Added in backpacks and rucksacks for MP peds.

  • Added an early release of WeaponWorks by Slick, featuring a ton of custom, lore friendly, addon weapons.

  • Updated and improved the Streetlabel script. It now includes postals in the street name. Also added a /postal command, to draw a waypoint to a specific postal.

  • We’re now using I’mNotMental’s custom tow script for FiveM. Enjoy cool-looking, realistic towing!

  • Fixed a number of bugs regarding towing custom trailers.

  • Updated our custom Menyoo config, to fix a number of bugs.

  • General quality of life/optimisation improvements on the server.

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San Andreas Republic is a server like no other. But don’t listen to me - just listen to these recommendations:

“It’s lore and uses my mods. Oh-…ah…and it’s not an econ server either! Lots of content updates every day (almost?)
People in this server are the big funny.
Thank you for reading, I had tears in my eyes writing this.”
H. Thompson

It has stuff which people can do so yeah, it’s fun.
D. Clark

Friendly and big funny people
E. Saunders

uh oh I think I have become O. Smith… :sweatblob: :thinkkek:
J. Smith

E. Saunders (again)

N. BelHoff

some of our LEO supervisors are competent
G. Mortar

This channel is an actual joke
R. York

So… yeah.

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Happy New Year from us here at San Andreas Republic!

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’re now lightlisted! You’ve got to be in our Discord server to join the FiveM server, which has helped thwart trolls and griefers.

  • Added in some new interiors:
    Vagos Safehouse by CP and Slick

  • Updated some interiors:
    Yuri’s LSSD Davis interior (now includes bounty office)
    BCSO Sandy Shores Station
    Flywheels Garage, Sandy Shores

  • Added in some new vehicles:
    T-815 Airport Tender by MarcelR

  • We’ve got a phone script! We’ve taken this script by Xinerki, and started adapting it to the server (adding in various functions). It uses native GTA V scaleforms, and works brilliantly!

  • Done some improvements to EUP menu - it works much better now.

  • Overhauled the cuff script, now includes various neat features.

  • General server improvements.

I can not join ur discord

That’s because you were banned for blatant disregard of our server rules, as well as staff.
You can appeal the decision at

Server Update - 2nd February 2020

I really should update this more often…

  • Improved our phone script. You can now reliably call the following services:
    Downtown Cab Co (taxi)
    Mors Mutual Insurance (roadside assistance)
    Emergency Services (911)
    Merryweather Security
    Gruppe Sechs Security

  • Various improvements to the CAD.

  • Updated our bus liveries, removed a number of liveries, and made some brand new ones. If you’d be interested in running bus lines, we’re the server to go to!

  • We’ve also overhauled our taxi fleet, which now boasts a wide array of different cars, from Dilettantes and Asteropes to Staniers and Cabbys.

  • Added in some new vehicles:
    Bollokan Pakunek by TheBDuck
    Improved Oracle XS by Fenton
    Progen MF1 by LamboFreak
    Ocelot Elena by Jam
    Vapid Dominator GTS by Stewart13c
    Vapid Dominator Ellie by Ivan8065
    Karin Kuruma Rally by Bob322
    BF Furzen by JN
    Dinka Citi by TGIJ
    Karin Kuruma Festive by NorthwindJME

  • Added in multiplayer ped clothing from the last two updates. These are addon clothing items, not replacements. We’re going to be working with the EUP team to make all of our EUP clothes addons instead of replaces.

  • Added in a bunch of MLO house interiors in Mirror Park, made by the ever-wonderful Gabz.

  • Fixed various trailer-towing related issues.

  • Added in a screenshot server, which lets you take screenshots and videos in Rockstar Editor without crashing.

Server Update - 8th February 2020

  • Added in a second floor interior for the Yellow Jack Inn.

  • Added in a number of new vehicles from the Vanillaworks Team:
    Dinka Urban
    Albany Deadringer
    Karin Fukyuz
    Declasse Lowsabre
    Imponte Mayhem Dukes
    Declasse Yosemite Muscle
    Declasse Ramptruck Flywheels
    Bravado Stubby Duneloader

  • Added in drivable trains to the server. Usage of these is exclusive to server members only.

  • Added in a new “screenshot server”, to mitigate issues caused by certain interiors that will crash Rockstar Editor.

  • Fixed various issues with connecting to the server.

Server Update - 19th February 2020

  • Our phone script has been improved. Now you can customise the appearance of your phone via the Settings app - the settings get saved between session as well.

  • The camera app has also been updated, to include camera flashes, as well as gallery upload functionality.

  • You can now directly reply to messages sent via the phone by simply clicking on them in the “texts” app.

  • Added in a new metro train model, which looks pretty cool.

  • Improved the Bleeter system to only allow for usernames with certain characters, improving immersion.

  • Crouching has been overhauled. To crouch, you simply hold down Ctrl, and to uncrouch, you tap - letting you sneak around like normal.

  • New Vehicles Added:
    Speedo Express by Fenton
    Dump Trailer by Fenton
    Turismo Classique Spyder by hilly’s

Server Update - 6th March 2020

  • New Vehicles Added:
    Benefactor Glendale Stretch by Fenton
    Vapid Sadler Ramp Truck by Fenton

  • Bleeter has been made into an app on the in-game phone. Helps clear up chat, and increases immersion. You can also set Bleeter notification settings in the Settings app. Bleeter handles and notification settings will save between sessions.

  • Added in Honeynutt’s fantastic Mosley Customs interior.

  • 911 calls are now made directly via the phone, and 911 calls can only be seen by officers.

  • There is also a Notes app now, for taking notes quickly.

  • Mobile Radio app has received a UI overhaul.

  • Toggling holster functionality now saves between sessions.

  • Multiplayer peds with a watch enabled can now see the time next to their minimap.

  • Bug fixed regarding the “holster weapon” feature, where alternative textures got reset.


Server Update - 11th April 2020

Server Update - 23rd April 2020

  • We’re now using a much better CAD system - SonoranCAD. Currently, this is being trialed by server members.

  • Improved the UI once again. Cleaner, better, and now free from overlapping.

  • New Interiors Added:
    Little Seoul Digital Den by G0d3sm1wa7o

  • Added in a system that lets you toggle the style of the map by pressing X while viewing the pause menu map. You can choose between standard view, or satellite map. Also, the map zoom metadata has been made defunct.

  • Shuffle script has been improved - to shuffle, just press S.

  • Fixed a few random bugs here and there.

  • We’ve made amazing progress on our Liberty City server. We’ve already done a small trial patrol, to help get an idea of how it will work with our unique law enforcement system. Check out these screenshots we took:

Server Update - 11th May 2020

  • We’re now using the EUP beta! That’s right, we’re on EUP version 8.6, thanks to a partnership with the EUP team, which means we get improved assets all around.

  • We’ve also hit over 1000 members in our Discord server! :tada:

  • EUP menu has been updated, so that order remains consistent whenever you open it.

  • Reorganised the Discord, to provide a better experience.

  • Command structures for various server-member-only jobs have been added, including private security, coroner’s office, and public works. This will ensure more in-depth roleplay from these agencies/companies.

  • An AOP vote script has been added for server members. To vote, you must be a server member - you can apply from a link inside of our Discord.

Server Update - 24th May 2020

  • Added in several new interiors around the map.

  • Added in a bunch of brand new vehicles.

  • Updated our radar script.

  • Improved the PLD, it now indicates what county you’re in, so you never get confused over whose jurisdiction you’re in.

Server Update - 26th June 2020

  • Small tweaks and changes done to the UI/UX experience, based on user feedback.

  • Added in a custom, scratch-made interior for the LSFD, in Downtown Los Santos. This interior is exclusive to the San Andreas Republic server, and will provide a much better fire department experience.

  • Also added in the Parson’s Rehabilitation clinic and a new courthouse interior. The courthouse interior is temporary until we get a decent one that doesn’t replace the city hall.

  • Also added in the beta vegetation props mod on a trial basis.

  • Updated many of our URLs from the domain to the domain. Professional!

  • Added in a phone app called “Pages”. This lets you create advertisements easily, which can then be viewed, easily responded to, and customised.

  • Server warning system has been improved - now featuring a “banner” system, to make it harder to miss warnings.

  • Day/Night cycle has been extended to roughly 2 and a half hours, rather than 48 minutes.

  • We now have a welcome guide for new members! You can view it at, and it is designed to help anyone new to FiveM, new to roleplay, or new to the server.

Server Update - 16th July 2020

  • Added in a new, custom Los Santos International Airport Police Station MLO by Mick King, made specifically for our server.

  • Added in a few new miscellaneous house and business interiors.

  • Added in an Object Scalpel. It’s like delete gun, but better.

  • Added in a few new vehicles, such as a new Yosemite pickup truck, an Australian ute, and an updated Vapid Torrence.

  • Our SonoranCAD is now available for all, server member or not.

  • We’ve updated to version 8.8 of the EUP pack. Now featuring more uniforms, more departments, and more clothing!