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What sort of roleplay can I expect?

Our focus is giving people the ability to roleplay as they wish to, so long as it is within the bounds of realism and fun. You can expect a nice balance between realism and enjoyability.

Our Focus Points

  • Freedom - We believe that if you want to roleplay, you should be given the option to roleplay. That’s why we allow scripthook on our server, as well as not operating civilian ranks. We keep certain features locked for non-members, but once you apply for membership, the sky is the limit.

  • Variety - After all, it is the spice of life. We operate a single out-of-character law enforcement department, with dozens of in-character agencies - the same applies for fire department. On top of that, we have hundreds of addon custom cars, which anyone can use.

  • Interaction - Roleplay is based on people interacting, and we heavily encourage that. We try to avoid situations like being stuck on patrol with nobody to interact with, thanks to out-of-character and in-character communication.

  • Lore - The GTA V universe is heavily established, with brands, locations, and designs. Why replace it when you can expand on it? Our focus is to be lore friendly, and in fact many servers are influenced by us in that regard. As such, you will find vehicles like the Vapid Scout, a lore-ified version of the Ford Explorer - just one of hundreds of vehicles we have.

  • Optimisation - Have you ever been told to “get a better computer” whenever you complain about frame drops or texture loss? We don’t do that around here - instead, we focus on ensuring our server performs well on even low end PCs. After all, what is the point of roleplay if it can’t be shared by everyone?

  • Transparency - We aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to decisions. If you want to know what happened to your suggestion, you can track it on the Trello. If you want to know why you was warned, a staff member will happily walk you through it. Our staff team is hand picked with this in mind - there are no power-hungry children here.

  • Commitment to creators - We respect the wishes of creators whose assets we use, and as such we make every effort to ensure that they are credited fully for their work. Furthermore, we never charge for the use of anyone else’s assets.

Some useful information

  • To play on the server, you must be 13+. This is the requirement set by the FiveM and Discord TOS.

  • To become a server member, you must be 15+. Server membership is a requirement for certain types of roleplay, as well as a prerequesit for joining fire department or law enforcement.

  • Our server operates a permanent Discord whitelist - i.e. you must be in the Discord to connect to the FiveM server. We also operate a temporary whitelist, wherein only server members can join - usually at peak times of day.

  • Our server allows for client-side trainers, such as Lambda Menu and Menyoo. We do not allow certain trainers, such as Matrix menu.

Server Galleries

Here is a selection of pictures taken by various server members on the San Andreas Republic server. We’ve grouped them by month in collapsable sections, so you can browse the most up-to-date pictures.

December 2020 (17 Images)

November 2020 (29 Images)

October 2020 (13 Images)

August 2020 (25 Images)

July 2020 (22 Images)

June 2020 (25 Images)

May 2020 (32 Images)

April 2020 (20 Images)

In order to join our FiveM Server, you must join our Discord


Can highly recommend this server for anyone who appreciates lore or even those who don’t.
Multiple different departments running with experienced and dedicated people.

Dedicated server staff and developers, friendly community members.

10/10 would get kicked out of bahama mamas again


I have a few questions regarding the community. What you are describing sounds frankly awesome and something that lines up with what I’ve been looking for. With that being said, I have a couple of questions regarding the community.

  1. Do you have set patrol hours? If so, when do they start?
  2. How many members do you have in your community right now?

Any reply is appreciated :slight_smile:


No specific hours set at the moment as we are very small atm. We are trying to hold patrols as often as possible.
In regards to member I’m uncertain but total amount in the discord is currently 20+.


10/10 would go to bahama mamas west again


good !


I must say, I was skeptical when joining the server, especially since some people did not like the merge situation. Now after a few days, I have to admit I couldn’t be more wrong. The directors are a bunch of awesome people, that are really working hard on making the server a better place.

The lore friendly vehicles are an awesome addition, they make the immersion better and make you feel like you are truly in a different universe.

I can’t speak for everyone, but the departments are absolutely amazing. They are also being led by people, that know what they are doing, know what’s best for their department.

If you are still thinking about joining the server. Stop. Just do it, you won’t regret it, neither you will lose anything.

The Highway Patrol Commissioner - Chris.


The San Andreas Highway Patrol has a new subdivision. Woho :mascot:

Introducing Air Operations.

  • Air Operations (Air Ops) provides aerial patrol response to emergency calls for service and traffic monitoring by assisting officers on the ground from its airborne platform. They are there where no officer can reach.

  • If you wish to apply for Air Operations you must be a part of SAHP first, although we think it’s totally worth it.

  • You can find the applications for both San Andreas Highway Patrol and Air Operations at our Discord.

See you there!
The Highway Patrol Commissioner - Chris.


9/10 no ugly cvpis

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Quality roleplay found here and starts here.


Not to mention Emergency services here are very professional and the staff is constantly giving them new content to work with. I would highly recommend this server for those looking for quality roleplay.

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Server Update - 9th June 2019

  • Bunch of new vehicles added to the server, as well as some vehicles updated - #changelog contains all the information on that.

  • Law enforcement and federal agencies have been merged. We are now allowing people to roleplay as federal agents, provided it is legit. This opens up all sorts of new roleplay opportunities for the server. Now, you can see NOOSE PIA alongside LSIA Police at the airport.

  • Added in a K9 dog ped, with a vest. Will be used with the K9 department. Has vest decals for Police, LSSD, BCSO, NOOSE, Rescue, and a generic one.

  • Added in some more skins for police departments, sheriff departments and other departments. Now you can roleplay as an LSSD Transit Unit.

  • We’ve done a number of pretty large patrols recently. All of them have been really nice, with almost no immersion breaking of any kind. If you want a small but active server with high quality roleplay, then look no further.


Server Update - 13th June 2019

  • We’ve been working on general realism throughout the map. Today, we updated the Davis City Hall to use the Davis City Seal, not the Los Santos City Seal, since we are treating it as its own city - as it should be.

  • Working on a new pause menu map style. This one will be focused on looking clean, and looking good. Lots of inspiration is being taken from Google Maps, and the pause menu maps, and will include custom designs for map blips and more.

If you want realism like no other server provides, there’s no better place to go.

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Seems really good so far! :+1:

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Server Update - 22nd June 2019

Just a small update, here’s what’s been changed:

  • We have separated the vehicles for LSPD, DPPD and RHPD. Now, each department has their own vehicles with their own unique lighting setups.

  • Updated the Davis seal on the LSSD Davis contract city livery to match the new design found on the Davis City Hall.

  • Added in takehome cars for fire department. Just a little something more for fire department.

  • Added in a fire script - for server members only.

  • Did some amazing patrols recently - roleplay on our server always goes well, and even though our server is public it is almost always server members on.

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Server Update - 28th June 2019

  • Added many new vehicles to the server, including a new public works Sandking utility that’s exclusive to SAR. Full list of vehicles that have been added can be found in #changelog in the Discord.

  • Added in some liveries for existing vehicles.

  • Added in the OCRP custom Flywheels garage.

  • Added in both the freight train and the light rail train. All aboard!

  • Updated the playerlist to be nicer looking.

  • Updated some keybinds.

  • Added a new shortcut link to get into the server. Now, you just need to go to, and it will redirect you.

  • General quality of life improvements to the server.

If you are looking for an excellent server, or an excellent community to join, then look no further. We focus on quality over quantity, and can promise you an amazing roleplay experience and nothing less.

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Hey :smiley:
This server is really good. I really enjoy how everything is lore, which means basically no texture loss or lags. Also, because of this, the AOP’s are great: LSIA, Vespucci, Davis, La Mesa, Harmony or even the Los Santos Port. This variety of AOP’s makes everything feel more alive and will assure that you’ll never get bored.

Additionally, this server really has so many freedoms that make the experience even more enjoyable. For example, any Server Member can work as a San Andreas Medical Services EMT, any Server Member can join the Air Traffic Control channel and fly aircraft, any Server Member can roleplay as the Department of Coroner, etc. The rules are short and easily understandable. Nothing on SAR is strict, everything is chill and us players just enjoy the laid-back and relaxed roleplay.

The Law Enforcement team is well set up, with a unique jurisdiction system: Every unit is seen as a Law Enforcement Officer, and depending on the current AOP, can decide for what department they go for. So, if the AOP is LSIA, they can roleplay as Airport police and so on. Always matching the AOP.

Go check it out for yourself!


Server Update - 8th July 2019

  • Added in some more vehicles for civilians, such as w’s improved Packer and LamboFreak’s Buffalo Hellhound.

  • Overhauled the fire department’s liveries, now there’s more variations for departments like LSCoFD and BCFD.

  • Added in SAMS liveries for more ambulances.

  • Added in custom 3D facial hair for MP peds. Perfect for bearded characters.

  • Had quite a few great roleplay sessions. Turns out you don’t need 32 people for high quality roleplay, you just need some good roleplayers. On that note, if you’re a good roleplayer and you’d like to join a server that’s not afraid to change stuff up to make better roleplay, then you should definitely join us.

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Some screenshots from the San Andreas Medical Services and their fleet.

SAMS Undertale gang gang


Excellent server, would be Chief of Police again