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San Andreas Public Safety Roleplay




  • Law Enforcement (LSPD, BCSO, SAST, DHS) - Apply In Discord
  • San Fire
  • Taxi Driver
  • Bus Driver
  • Garbageman
  • Diver
  • Hunter
  • Miner
  • Trucker
  • Own A Store, Gas Station, Pharmacy or Ammunation


  • Bank Robberies
  • Cash Truck Robberies
  • Gang Territories and Drug Operations
  • Car Scraping
  • Drug Operations
  • FIB Heighst


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Give us more info! I wanna know more

Working on it lol

Bumpty bump bump

New Features:

Added over 100 new fires and SCBA system

San Andreas Fire Rescue has had a bit of work done in the past few weeks. We now have bunker gear (turn outs) that actually protect you from fire damage. The SCBA system mentioned is an actual airpack with gauge and can be refilled at the station. We have a supply line and hose system. We have several apparatus so there is plenty of room for growth of the SAFR.

Concept at the moment is to staff a ladder truck, then a pumper, with other vehicles depending on our growth and the recommendations of the firefighters/EMTs. This means more stations and possibilities.

The staff of SASP is also reviewing possible options for AI interaction for police officers to give law enforcement officers both players and AI to deal with in our community. And they are constantly looking for scripts to improve the roleplaying and quality of life on the server.

So if you are interested, stop by our Discord and inquire about the possibilities.

We are now testing FivePD in the hopes of increasing our LEO player base. Testers will be added to LSPD during the testing however, if you prove yourself as an active and productive member of the community… when other departments (BCSO and SASP) open up your application to those departments will get a little bump up the consideration ladder.

So if you are interested in testing FivePD and other server features with us, come on by. If you are looking for instant supervisory or leadership positions, you can keep looking. We are looking for people to prove they are active and prove they actually have experience and leadership potential.

Hell, if you are active, helpful and know what you are doing you could be considered for supervisory or administrative(Command, not server) positions when the time comes.

San Andreas Public Safety Roleplay has some great scripts and plenty of potential; but don’t take my word for it, stop on by and check us out.

Disclaimer: We are currently developing and testing things so scripts may come and go, things may glitch, crashes may occur, it is the nature of the beast we call FiveM.

Currently setting up LSPD for testing; ranks, uniforms, vehicles, etc. All potential vehicles will be added for LSPD officers to test for the time being, when we go live and have a supervisor for LSPD a decision will be made on what the standard patrol vehicle for LSPD will be and then officers will only have access to that vehicle for patrol, just like real life. LOL

So if you are interested in testing come on over and get set up. Eventually a supervisor will be chosen from those that have actively tested on the server. This supervisor will have input on the various aspects of how LSPD is run and may eventually become the faction leader for LSPD.

We are also setting up the San Andreas State Police and Blaine County Sheriff’s Office as well. Entry into SASP will require a sit down with the faction leader for SASP. Blaine County is currently closed but will eventually open and deputy slots will be filled by current active members of our community before opening to the general public.

Disclaimer: We are currently developing and testing things so scripts may come and go, things may glitch, crashes may occur, it is the nature of the beast we call FiveM.

Man, I cannot believe it has been seventeen days since our last post. We were having issues with the character creator after updating to a better skin picker. And during our trouble shooting Hurricane Ida struck and delayed things even more. However, I have been informed we are back and new players should be able to create characters once again.

This means we are back in business of play testing; we can use people to play test civilian jobs as well as LSPD and SAFR jobs. Anyone getting in the door now will be assigned a rank one up from probationary and will remain there after we go live. Also, when we look for supervisors we will initially look at those on the server testing and being patrol officers or firefighter/EMTs before we remotely consider a new join to the server.

So we currently are not looking for leaders and supervisors, we are looking for people to be active in testing things. Plus, the best way to show people you can be a leader or supervisor is to show that you can do the basics of the job. Anyone can walk through a door and claim to have X, Y or Z experience… or be good at this task or that task. But a true leader knows that you have to prove you are proficient at the basics of a job before being able to move up. And if you show you know what you are doing both role playing wise as well as PD or FD knowledge; we will eventually have county and state positions to move to as well as the possibility of DHS jobs like Coast Guard or Border Patrol. But all positions other than SAFR and LSPD will typically look within our server first to fill, even civilians on the server will get first shot at new positions before new joins “off the street”.

So come on over if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of testing ESX and FivePD. We have plenty of scripts and things to make role playing public safety more enjoyable. And we also have recreational scripts to make your off duty time just as fun. So feel free to join the server and play around to get a feel for things and if you are interested in getting set up in LSPD or SAFR for testing, reach out to Hawk in our Discord.

Disclaimer: We are currently developing and testing things so scripts may come and go, things may glitch, crashes may occur, it is the nature of the beast we call FiveM.

Still testing things and looking for active testers. People that can show they are active and want to role play as well as have the desire to learn how to do police work or fire service.

Currently staff is acting as the “Command” structure for LSPD and SAFR, etc. When we have things tested and in place the way we like it, we will be looking for supervisors for these factions. At the very least, senior personnel with the potential to become supervisors and eventually command personnel making decisions in the day to day operations of the faction. Higher command control will remain in the staff’s hands. As we will set policy and how things are done. This better simulates how things are in the real world. And it looks far more realistic to see a Lieutenant on a traffic accident or traffic stop then it does to see a Chief. Or to see Lieutenant or Captain on a fire scene instead of the Fire Chief.

This isn’t to say that people in positions as Lieutenants and Captains won’t be running the factions for the most part. It’s just that they will not be making sweeping policy changes like… suddenly saying it’s okay to start shooting at fleeing suspects in motor vehicles. Or that all of LSPD will use a brand new car. Those decisions will remain in the hands of higher headquarters. :wink:

So if you are interested in a reality based community, one actually based on public service reality and not just claiming to be reality based with 1000s of cars, come check us out.

Today’s projects were to enable two things; a container system and a storage system. Both were accomplished after about eight hours of trial and error.

We now have a container system with four basic containers at the moment; a Belt Bag (the Fanny Pack for us old timers), a Backpack, Gym Bag, and Military Pack. Each has ever increasing slots (5, 15, 30, 30; respectively) and weight limits (10, 30, 50, 100). With this we have lowered a players character slots to 10 items but left the weight at 150. So you can carry as much weight but not as many items as you used to. This opens the door to the possibiliity of having duty rigs, and carpenters belts to carry things. We are leaning toward making the magic, bottomless, jeans of holding, to away.

Second thing is enabling storage locations for factions to keep items in. This way for example; we can have the LSPD Armory locked securely behind doors with only certain ranks able to purchase weapons and duty items. But then have the window of the Armory be a distribution point. Give it twenty slots and unlimited max weight. So sidearms, batons, tasers, flashlights and radios can be picked up and turned in there.

Both of these allows us to start working on economy; giving items in the database proper weights, prices and to figure out where they can be purchased at in the game world. Never made sense you could buy all your medical supplies from the 24/7. LOL

As always, we have testing positions for LSPD and SAFR as well as every civilian job is open for testing. Come take a look if you are interested in a reality based community.

Okay we have pushed forward. Since no one logged on to help test we have decided to just move on and get some faction heads set up. With no pool of testers that showed activity and skill level, to pick from… you had your chance. We hired the first two people that came in and wanted to be faction leaders… So congrats to our probationary faction leaders… Lieutenant Banna the new faction leader for LSPD and to Undersheriff Young as the assistant faction leader for BCSO.

We do need a Fire Chief, no need to prove yourself, just come in and talk with staff. Can get you set up within an hour. This way all agencies will have faction leaders.

With this we have four agencies fully set up. Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, San Andreas State Police and San Andreas Fire Rescue. And all four agencies are hiring for probationary positions, we are no longer setting anyone up at higher ranks. Granted after a short probationary period members of agencies can be expedited up the ranks, but the days of new joins getting set up with higher ranks are over, we have moved on. :slight_smile:

We have also changed a few scripts around to make the server better. And we believe we have eliminated some issues that were plaguing us. Still testing things and constantly trying to make the server an outstanding place to focus on roleplaying.

This a great Community with a bunch of killer dudes. Check em out you wont want to miss out on the fun.

We have replaced a garage system with a new and improved system. Just getting that set up and working out the bugs in the new system. Trying to use all the features that come with this resource. Also have added a few realistic cars, just have to get them set up in the dealership. That will take a while… LOL

LSPD also hired their first patrol officer yesterday, so congrats.

BCSO, State and Fire are still looking.

We could use civilians as well; taxi drivers, tow truck drivers/mechanics, car dealer sales people… plenty to do even if you are not interested in public safety. LOL

Come on by and check things out.

Still developing and making the server better every day. But we have a long way to go to get everything where it should be. However, the server is ready for basic role playing and our admin are extremely helpful in getting you set up and assisting you as best they can.

We still are looking for LSPD Officers, BCSO Deputies, SASP Troopers, and SAFR Firefighter/EMTs…

We are creating a certification system for LE and FF; San Andreas Commission on Law Enforcement and Fire Protection. SACOLE and SACFR will creating standardized training so regardless if you are an officer, deputy or trooper; you will have the same basic training. Currently our faction leaders are involved in helping us create this program. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor and helping create training and guide our certification system, now’s the time to join.

And if direct public service doesn’t appeal to you then we have mechanics, tow truck drivers, car dealerships, or you could own a convenience store. And there is always the underbelly of Blaine County and Los Santos… the criminal network of things to do.

Disclaimer: We are still constantly and ever developing to make the server better for you. So we are testing things; scripts may come and go, things may glitch, crashes may occur, it is the nature of the beast we call FiveM.

Great server a lot is coming together all departments are hiring and we are looking for more people to join the community come check us out. Today