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Lore-Friendly Roleplay | LFRP Recruiting!

We Offer:
A realistic roleplaying experience
Roleplays in both San Andreas and Liberty City
Lots of addon interiors to improve the roleplaying experience
EUP 9.3 Beta
Lore-Friendly Vehicles and Weapons
Custom NPC player models if you wish to not use EUP
FivePD to police the AI (Work In Progress)
Both Public and Private RP’s so we can RP with both the community and our members
Custom scripts
Scrpit Hook Enabled
and Much More.

Available Departments:
LSPD (Los Santos Police Department)
LSSD (Los Santos Sheriff’s Department)
RHPD (Rockford Hills Police Department)
DPPD (Del Perro Police Department)
SAHP (San Andreas Highway Patrol)
BCSO (Blaine County Sheriff’s Office)
(Federal Agencies are also available, contact the director of said agencies to apply to them.)

To apply to the server please join our discord server. here: Lore-Friendly Roleplay | LFRP
Any questions may be directed to Anthronia#0001 on discord or on this forum post.

We allow client side menus like Simple Trainer. (Menyoo is prohibited unless approved, Lambda is not allowed due to it’s outdated nature.)