San Andreas Island - RP - In Dev - Dedicated Community - Hiring ALL Departments (read more)

What’s SAI ? – San Andreas Island is a Five M server based on real-life scenarios and generally having fun and creating great Roleplay.

Why you should Join! -You should join SAI RP since we are a server that accepts all types walks of life. We are a brand-new server. Server is a beast VPS loaded with specs that keep us low tick and over 400 resources on the server. The server is looking for new staff, developers and more!


We are currently looking for skilled devs along with people who have a passion to build out a project. We are keeping track of our development using professional grade tools businesses use. Our founder is a IT business owner and understands the key to success is an organized development team and proper hardware.

Our server is a VPS with

  • 8 cores XENON Processor with a clock of 3.8 Ghz
  • 16 GB of ram,
  • 1 Giga up stream and 1 Giga downstream. (you can download 400 resources in under 20 seconds on most connections right now)
  • 200GB of SSD


Staff Information!

  • J. Street (Founder & Owner) (Governor) (Government Official)
  • W. Taylor (Admin) (Fire and Rescue Chief) (Government Official)
  • B. Conner (Admin) (PD Chief) (Government Official)

Our Staff is very active on the server and is very willing to make sure that all members have a fun experience on the server and they enjoy their time at summit! They are also very friendly people and they love to roleplay and making the server a better environment! Our developers are also very active and they update the server when needed as well as making small changes every day to improve the stay at San Andreas Island!

Our Department’s: DISCORD LINK


  • San Andreas Government - Judges, DA’s, Attorneys, Federal, etc
  • San Andreas State Police – Investigations, Reporting, Cases, CAD etc 100k sign on bonus
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol – RP play, tickets, speed guns, radar guns, etc 100k sign on bonus
  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue- Become a fire fighter, save lives as an EMT, etc 100k sign on bonus
  • Civilian Operations – We offer many types of jobs on our server (more as development goes forward)


  • Working microphone
  • Steam
  • Discord
  • Minimum age: 16 years+
  • Previous experience: None required, we are open to helping new role-players learn the ropes


  • Be sure to check out our website (under heavy dev)
  • Be sure to join the discord!
  • Be sure to check out our facebook page as well!


You may ask? No application? Yep! That’s right we rather learn

  1. Join the discord server
  2. Speak with immigration staff (Admins on the server)
  3. Apply
  4. Interview
  5. Complete training
  6. You’re in!


If you have any questions relating to joining Department of Safety, you are welcome to:

We look forward to your interview and seeing you on the server!

Please do not join our server then leave this is a waste of our time. We are seeking people with passion and experience. We have leadership positions we would like to fill with hungry leaders who want to learn and grow. We are a start up server. We are working on a lot of dev work right now. We have a server that is active with over 400 resources on it. We have a website we are creating, We are heavy in dev right now. This is the perfect time to join we are taken applications at this time. Please note this when joining the server.

San Andreas Island - Communications Department

We are working heavy on our website please be sure to visit our discord server.

Please remember,

  • We are seeking leadership roles right now.

  • If you have the passion and or experience

  • Please speak with one of our admins in the discord server.

  • We are currently working on a few bugs with our bots. If you get kicked please let us know.

Huge Dev news from our State!

We have opened up our website to the public today!

We have just opened our CAD up

We are working on our live map!

So much going on stop on by and look in our dev channel!

We have opened our website to the public

We are in active Development at this time please visit our dev board!

Please visit our social media

Join our discord today! - Staff and Mod positions are being filled right now please speak in chat if you are interested in joining us!

We are seeking FD, & EMS, PD RP right now! Our roster is limited please speak to the chiefs on our discord! or message in the general chat area!

Website updates & Important Updates:

IF you are in a department you must fill out the department application process
State citizenship
FD -

Please ensure everyone reads and understands the code of law for SAI

Please read and understand the rules and regulations for the state

Development must go hand and hand. Server and website need to talk with one another we are excited to announce the opening of the email portal and notification systems opening soon.

Email portal for Government Officials

  • Check State email notices
  • Wanted notices
  • BLOS notices
  • Dispatch notices
  • System Ban Appeal notices
  • Check Court dates, hearings, etc
  • Check Pending apps
  • Check Approvals on whitelist applications
  • Check Immigration status
  • Check Dev News
  • Send emails to attorneys, other departments, judges etc and other state officials with in San Andreas Island
  • Emails will only be for government officials at this time.

We are in ALPHA STATE! our server is now stable enough to be in a alpha if you want to join now is the time we are looking for the following whitelisted jobs

  1. PD Assist Chief
  2. FD Assist Chief
  3. ADA
  4. DA
  5. JUDGES / Fed and State
  6. Government Officials
  7. PD Officers
  8. FD & EMS

At this time we will be opening the server to the public to get a better server usage report. We are looking to have up to 128 players in the server. Opening the server to the public allows to gauge and understand the server uses. ALL admins do not use admin powers unless you have someone who is clearly going against the SAI rules and laws of the state. We will reboot the server at 1am. Once this reboot happens the server will be open to the public. All leadership please make sure your admin works on the login panel.


San Andreas Island - Is seeking a LT. Governor for the state leadership team. Please fill out our application on the website if you are interested and meet the following requirements

  • Have ran a online gaming community for more then 5 years
  • Have Dev experience and or are a quick learner
  • Can be fair and follow all processes implemented
  • Will not abuse admin
  • Will not abuse citizens
  • Knows or is familiar with CAD-MDT’s
  • Understands local Government and or PD, FD processes
  • We are seeking an individual who has prior RP leadership role
  • Can balance his or her time meet for meetings if needed
  • Can donate to help keep State moving forward


  • Interviews for the position will be on the discord
  • Please check your email for interview times
  • All applicants will be asked a serious of questions
  • Government officials will conduct interviews

The rec will close on July 24th 2020 @ 12 midnight

Interviews will be conducted on Aug 1st 2020 @ 10am

At this time the server is in a alpha state most and or all mods are working at this time.

Our A1.2 patch will be implemented in two weeks.

Are you into RP?

Visit our State website to learn more about who we are and what we are looking for!

SAI - Apps

Dev App -
Citizenship App -
Whitelist App -
Ban Appeal App -

PD App -

FD App -

Prosecuting Attorney App -
Others coming soon

Still looking for people with experience to fill spots.

The time is now to join our state

We have everything needed to be successful

Our leadership has been doing this for over 25 years

Visit the discord ill be online all day

Interviewing today!

Stop on by!

I was planning on joining till I’ve seen it said 16+, wish the best for this server.

Please send me a message on the discord

To all the guest and potential state citizens. When you connect to the discord. Before just bailing on it please send us a message we all do have jobs and we do work. You never know what you are missing out on!

Hello everyone i am the Chief of Police for the server. We have many open positions including command level spots. If you are wanting to come join and the department and help build it up the department. We are haring for County and State. No local.

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We are seeking state citizens! All departments! Our leadership is comprised of leaders with over 40+ years combined in running online gaming clans, community’s.

  • Whitelist jobs are LEO, FD, GOV jobs
  • Overall 80 jobs in the server
  • Need to relax? Got some money to spend head on over to the Diamond casino! 21, 3 card poker and slots at this time! We are adding more and more things to do at the casino.
  • We are a non whitelisted server join today
  • We are in Alpha 1.1.0 we plan to be on our 1.2 in the next month or two
  • Our Dev team is always seeking talent
  • Our leadership is always growing we have key positions we are still filling
  • Our website and overall realism makes the Government feel like a real state
  • We do RP realism
  • Our server is 99.99 up time usually no downtime
  • Our hardware is state of the art
  • Our 400 plus resources will download in under 5 seconds to your local machine with our 1GB connection
  • We are seeking to do up to 128 people in our server we have little to zero lag in the server

If any of this sounds like its in your neck of the woods be sure to join our discord and speak with a member of state leadership. We might not be online as we all have jobs but almost all leadership has discord on there phones and we have and do check our SAI email. Please be sure to reach out if you do not see us on!

Still looking for state citizens!