San Andreas Island Life ||

San Andreas Island Life is a life server that features gameplay options for hardcore, serious, and casual players. Featuring a range of roles from emergency and government services, private enterprises, and nefarious activities - San Andreas Island Life is a place where someone can find their role. We welcome all variety of players and feature a number of new ideas and experiences for all players to experience. While most servers list what they feature, we’ll list what we don’t.

  • No “Admin” cars, outfits, agencies, etc.
  • A distinct separation of in-game characters and out-of-game decisions.
  • Experienced leaders that are always open to new ideas - that vote as a majority

We’re trying to be new and different, and we’re going to try and prove it. From real-world emergency services personnel bringing training and experience to the various agencies, from the incredible investment of time and assets in the server, to the careful consideration of all the assets and resources added and maintained by a knowledgeable staff.

So, give us a shot! Meet our staff, bring your ideas, and most importantly -

Be A Character.

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Reserved Post.

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Just loading up for our next day and always looking for people to join. Join the discord today!

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We have been recently making big strides to accommodate the civilian and criminal roleplay as well as our experienced and detail oriented emergency services. Server population has been steadily growing over the last few weeks, and we are excited for the new prospects just around the corner. Our active dev team is working tirelessly to bring new and innovate experiences to our players. Feel free to stop by and try us out!

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