San Andreas Heat RP | FivePD/ESX | Custom Cars

Just another day in Los Santos. Do you have what it takes? San Andreas Heat

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Sometimes you just gotta take a few minutes and chill with your buddy.
BCSO is recruiting on San Andreas Heat.

adding in a racing scene with other events to follow. Come join us and give these cops something to chase!

We are still recruiting LEO’s, Fire&EMS. If you are interested hop on discord and shoot us a message.

We are looking for LEO’s FIRE EMS… we are constantly adding new things to the sever… come join us.!

My place is starting to look good. Come join us at San Andreas Heat, we have plenty to offer and constantly adding more.
Currently looking for more in:
LEO-PD and State
MC- Outsiders, Laffing Skulls
Adding in the near future-Security systems, Lawyers, Weezel News
We are also open to any suggestion during our monthly city meeting!

See you in the city!