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Fed up of the typical, unoriginal and unrealistic role-play? Looking for a realistic community to settle down in? Actually want to learn something in the police academy? Actually want to develop characters and engage in opportunity rich role-play? Don’t want to have to deal with annoying and entitled admins? Then we suggest you join San Andreas Heat!

San Andreas Heat was formed on the basis that it’s hard to find a FiveM role-play server where you don’t have to deal with squeaky cops, lack of innovation, and template scripts and ugly vehicle packs that make your blood boil.

Our staff consists of former military and law enforcement officers. We bring our experience and training to the community, tailoring things to the game environment. However, we lean toward doing things professionally and properly versus the Hollywood way.

We are looking for people that want to portray law enforcement officers in a realistic way. New players and veterans alike. We want people with maturity of character; as in, they can have fun and cut up, but know when to lock it up and get down to business. We want people with an attention to details; doing things for role play purposes not just “cheating” the system because they have the ability to do so. We want people that are looking for professionalism; a community of like minded people that want to play a specific way. We are looking for players that want to be dedicated to playing; and playing “the law enforcement way”; not the right or wrong way but the law enforcement way.

Quality of players not quantity.

We are also implementing a statewide law enforcement certification program. Every officer, deputy, or trooper on our server will have attended a basic law enforcement training program. This ensures that our members are certain that a responding law enforcement officer has been properly trained at the basic level. This program is being created with the intent to keep training as basic as possible. This can be spread out over several days if needed. We feel this best mirrors how real world law enforcement officers are trained and certified.

We also have the San Andreas Fire Rescue Service set up on our server right now. The SAFR has both firefighters and EMTs alike serving within their ranks. They cover the entire island and handle the fires and other emergencies on the island.

Maybe you aren’t interested in emergency services. We do have ESX in place and are working on troubleshooting the various jobs available. We are also looking at installing criminal organizations such as motorcycle clubs or gangs. This includes the framework to support their operations. Players that prove active and that bring in friends will have earned the ability to create organizations of their own. All of this is based on activity and the player base at the time of the requests.

Our goal is to provide a fun and immersive environment for everyone and their creative roleplay styles. This may be someone’s first role-play experience or they could be role play veterans; both ends of the spectrum should be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Our server is a Serious Roleplay server. Please be respectful of this.

Whitelisted jobs

LSPD - Open
LSSD - Closed
SAHP - Closed - Invite only
BCSO - Closed - Invite only
SA Fire - Open
SA Medical - Open
Weazel News - Open - No leadership
Vipers Biker gang - Open - No leadership
The Lost MC - Open - No leadership
Vanilla Unicorn - Open
Los Santos customs - Open
Car Dealer - Open - No leadership
Court System - Closed
Lawyers - Closed

More factions are possible please direct all questions to the admin team.

Discord - San Andreas Heat


Bump; Looking for members! San Andreas Heat

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Awesome server!! Join up, I wont play another one.

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Awesome server. Want to see what its like playing on here check out these videos
Coletti VS Gramps: Part 1 GTA FIVE M San Adreas Heat - YouTube
Coletti VS Gramps Part2 Coletti Meets Gramps AGAIN! - YouTube
Nick Coletti Gets Stopped|GTA FiveM|San Adreas Heat - YouTube
"You Cant Park Here!" Nick Coletti VS Highway Patrol - YouTube

Great server to play on! Been playing with this group of people since April. I don’t play on any other servers for RP except San Andreas Heat.

Bump; Come join us and play this weekend.

Come hand out with us, activity pics up in the evenings as people get home from work. Building a great group of players here

Still looking for members, We need Officers, Fire and EMS members. Going to be pushing out a update soon to add more jobs and fun stuff for civilians to do.

great server best for rp this is the only server i will play on great community of people looking to be police ems fire criminal lots of jobs and this server is not only growing in numbers but also the possibility’s of things to do

If you are looking for Drama free RP this is the place for you. Police, Fire, EMS with paid medical system and many more jobs. County Sherif has one position open.

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Spent the day on mafia island. One of the best RP servers ive ever played on. More pictures to come,


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Looking to join a realistic role play game server I encourage you to look no further stop and check out San Andreas heat realistic role play great community always building to be bigger and better and great job opportunities for everyone to enjoy

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