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We are still looking for LSPD and SAFR members as well as civilian members.

Our San Andreas Highway Patrol has temporarily closed it’s doors do to the lack of activity on the server. Once our active numbers grow SAHP will reopen, usually with two or three trooper positions. These positions will be filled from within the ranks of the existing LSPD and BCSO members should they desire to transfer to the SAHP. So if you want to do highway patrol, it’s best you get on and be a member of the LSPD now (BCSO is not hiring).

Also, two staff members have created criminal characters to give LSPD some criminals to interact with and start our criminal organization; getting things set up and working properly (drug scripts, job scripts, ect). So if anyone is looking to get in the ground floor of being a criminal, now is the chance. You can join and be a low level criminal member and prove you can role play; and when the time comes for the admin to return to other duties, the empire can potentially be yours.

We reward activity and the attempt to role play.

Could also use the members to be role players in a Role Player Faction, to take part in events and various other activities to give our police, fire and other members random people to interact with. I am developing the policies on this faction in the next few weeks, so input from members is welcome.

I was away doing a move, but all settled in at the new place.

We have grown our LSPD back a little bit and SAFR has doubled it’s numbers. So things are looking up. Would still like to grow even more so come on down if you are interested in some reality based role playing.

Finalizing our police training document (crash course for the early opening) and now working on a Role Player Faction document so anyone interested in taking on different roles to give police and fire real people to deal with; things can be boring or exciting but at least reality based.

Come on in and check us out if you are looking for a unique experience in ESX and FivePD.

I finally figured out how to get four guys into a fire truck… so Engine 31 and 28 now have crews!!! Eventually it will be a Lieutenant, Engineer and two fire fighters per truck… and if I can get the ladder truck to do the same… it will be a Captain in one, Lieutenant for the other two… though with the nature of FiveM the semi-permanent assignment will mostly be on paper. :wink:

LSPD is about to start it’s Modified Academy to train the three Cadets they have, so now is the time to get into the LSPD.

Had several people join so we are slowly growing. Come have some fun on San Andreas Heat.

Correction… we just added a rescue truck… so we with that last post… we can now fit four guys into each truck… Engine 31, Ladder 24, and Rescue 2 will each have a company or squad assigned to them!!!

This means we officially have slots for 12 firefighters and 2-4 EMTs!!!

So now we have the following numbers (for those that seem to care about this):

BCSO - 3 (Set and will not grow until server population gets larger).

LSPD - 5 Officers | 4 Cadets

SAFR - 3 Firefighters | 6 Fire Cadets

Still would like to see a tow truck driver, seems our streamer has disappeared. Also need, a car salesman, news crew, criminals, and role player faction members.

And you didn’t hear it from me… ssshhhhh but there might even be a USCG faction opening up in the future. A few variables will affect that, but should be limited slots and first pick goes to those active on the server first before public recruiting… if we were to open another faction.

Some of our cadets have grown up to be officers and firefighters… and one EMT out of the bunch… every family has to have a blacksheep. :wink:

Have a couple of civilians on now as well; tow truck driver/mechanic, and two others that are looking for jobs. No Role Play Faction volunteers yet; but that will come in time when people realize how much fun it is to be an actor for a few hours and move on to something else. LOL

We are also looking at an option to pull EMS from SAFR and let them concentrate on fighting fires and handling hoses. Which I finally got the hose item to appear instead of attaching a fire extinguisher to the supply line. They are currently running an Enforcer Pumper, Engine 31… an Enforcer Ladder, Ladder 24, and a new heavy rescue, Rescue 2. As SAFR grows, we will add another pumper, Engine 28, and a brush truck. Engine 28 and the brush truck (designation to be determined) will more than likely be assigned to the Sandy Shores Station.

If we do pull EMS and make it, its own faction it will be something like Blaine County Medical Service, a part of the Blaine County Health and Human Services Department. :wink: They will run ambulances and eventually air ambulances, and might even get Doctors and Nurses to role play in a hospital… General Hospital on San Andreas Heat… which reminds me…

We still need a news crew…

But enough for now, come check us out.

BC-EMS is getting set up and well along the way. Have a skin for the ambulance… not that many of the current folks like it… but I do, and that is what counts. j/k

Still have plenty of room for people to come play as a LSPD officer or fight fires as a SAFR firefighter. ANd we have all manner of other jobs as well.

And I had a thought; what about someone coming on to own a food truck? We could reskin a truck and give you items in bulk to sell; burgers, tacos, hotdogs, drinks, etc. Even maybe customize a menu for you that only you sell? Set nutritional value (hunger and thirst for basic needs script) or lack there of, :wink:

And as always we have room for people interested in playing as a role player, taking on various roles for events and basically acting.

Bump; We are still looking for more law enforcement officers along with civilian players.

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