San Andreas Five-O | Realistic LSPDFR / FivePD | Public vMenu | Custom Callouts | Custom Vehicles | EUP | K9 Dogs | Lux Vehicle Controls | Custom Police Departments and More

Welcome to San Andreas Five-O. We operate FivePD Framework Core which is based off LSPDFR. San Andreas Five-O is realistic police roleplay where everyone can work together and beat criminals. It is a teamwork server with variety of features to use. SAFO is brand new community where everyone can enjoy and have fun pulling over AI or going after a callout. Every callout or pull overs are recorded in a database by CAD. CAD is the most important part in the game where you can write down tickets to give out DUI records and various stuff. The community wants to be realistic as much as possible. If you have any ideas and suggestions to be added to server will be taken look at and see if it can be approved. This server started fairly new and is welcoming new members. This is not a strict roleplay where you have to spend two hours per week. This is a community where you can hop in and be on duty and work. The server is constantly improving with updates and resources. San Andreas Five-O is online 24/7 with two automatic server restarts to refresh and unload unwanted things. It is a active community where it strives new things. It is very new and hoping to see some of you all out in San Andreas Five-O. We will be recruiting staff team in discord and San Andreas Five-O. Feel welcome to join Discord for more information and server updates.

  • FivePD Framework

  • Realistic Custom Police Vehicles

  • Custom Callouts

  • vMenu Public

  • Custom Police Exteriors / Interiors

  • Mission Row Police Department
  • Del Perro Police Department
  • Rockford Police Department
  • Vinewood Police Department
  • Davis Police Department
  • More new Police Departments coming soon
  • Dispatch Menu
  • Towtruck
  • Coroner
  • Prison Transport
  • Medic
  • Medic Via Air Support
  • Animal Control
  • and More
  • Streaming Friendly

  • Sit / Lay Anywhere

  • Custom CAD

  • EUP Menu

  • Latest FiveM Server Build

  • Latest FivePD Build

  • Custom Police Clothes

  • 800 Slots

  • Custom Server Weather / Daylight Sync

  • OneSync Infinity On

& More Variety Resources

Discord is fairly new and is being worked on. You are more welcome to join the discord server.
Discord Link: San Andreas 5-O

Connecting to Server
Server Address: San Andreas Five-O
Server IP Address:

Connect to server: San Andreas Five-O /

Any server owners, please read this.
We are not interested in merging any servers. If you want to merge with San Andreas Five-O, you will have to come to us. Thank you for understanding.

We could do a cross-promotion between our discord servers if you want. (1. after ~2 weeks, 2. idk how large your community is)

im interested

interested please dm me

Updated Server Advertisement

  • Updated FX Server Version: 5677
  • Addressed Callouts Bugs
  • Addressed Dispatch Calls Bugs
  • Addressed Daylight Time / Weather Issue

Updated Server to Dedicated Gaming Machine Server