San Andreas' Finest | Looking for Developers!

Hello! I am Price, the Lead Developer for San Andreas’ Finest.

Recently, we have decided to start growing our Development Team for the community to broaden the horizons on what we can achieve. I figured there is no better place than to reach out to the forums where many people have created amazing assets for the FiveM community to use.

We are primarily looking for Script Developers, but Developers in specialized other areas are welcome to apply as well!

We have an application below that those interested can fill out. Please, fill it out to the best of your ability! I will be in contact with you after your submission for further talks.

Here is the application.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Thank you!

Still looking for people! If you are interested in a position, please fill out the application!

Some people have asked, we are the real San Andreas’ Finest.

Thank you!

Hey! I sent an application, and was wondering about the status. I sent it like right when you posted this, my discord is @ ARandom#3345

Aswell as the guy above, any status of the applications?