San Andreas FD Pack for FiveM

ladies and gentlemen this is an expansive packs, several options to choose from.



  1. Bcfd4 - international rescue engine
  2. Bcfd5 - International water tender
  3. safd2 - International 4 door cab, Hazmat Equip Transport
  4. Safdm2 2020 Ram Ambulance with Lightbar
  5. Safdm3 2020 Ram Ambulance No Lightbar
  6. engine1 Pierce Dash CF
  7. Emsgator - john deer 6x6 gator EMS/Fire and Pt transport options
  8. Gatortrailer - atr2 all terrain rescue Patient transport
  9. Cotrailer - trailer that can haul the gator
  10. Tahoe - Pulls the trailer, by MiiKeMQ :new:
  11. stretcher - stryker M1 stretcher works with powerloader :white_check_mark:
  12. Prop_ld_binbag_01 - new hazmat tent :white_check_mark: :new:
  13. safr2- 2020 Ford F450 Superduty Ambulance :new:
  14. rescuemedic - rescue medic can tow cotrailer as well. :new: :fire:
  15. coronervan - 2020 Ford Transit Van Coroner/ME Van :new:

Subscribers and patrons may make custom model requests additions deletions, etc.

more vehicles are being added to this pack every week as we work to further develop fiveems

included props:
upgraded hazmat tent
medical bags
and backboards
and many more i cant remember

use DPemotes for prop spawning and animations

download here

options: working spotlight rotatable on ambulances, many other cool features and vehicle components, equipment and compartments that you can toggle on/off

the pack is developed to work with several 5M scripts, that utilizes stretcher script, and hopefully a script to work with the hazmat transport truck and decon tent.

other mods im working on

DOT Pack
Five VMS
other packs

and i do custom orders and requests

Scripts that goes with this pack


awesome firepack. I use it on my server so i know. I recommend getting her FiveEMS Script as well. Dope stuff. looking forward to more :slight_smile:

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Apologies still learning how to use webex i fixed the store.

This fire pack amazing, works good for Servers of all sizes.

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