San Andreas Emergency Response Roleplay | Public | vMenu | Easy Applications | Unique Framework - Custom EUP & Vehicles | Looking for experienced dept. heads (Must be 16+)

San Andreas Emergency Response (Overview)

SAER is a fully developed FiveM community which provides our players with the resources needed to roleplay, while presenting the RP experience uniquely compared to other servers.

Getting straight to the point, lets show you what we can offer.
• Easy Applications (E-A-S-Y)
• Large selection of Custom civilian vehicles.
• Custom EUP (Civilian, SAST, BCSO, SAFR, etc)
• Realistic Emergency Response
• Ethical Leadership & Server Management
• Custom in-game assets provided for more realistic roleplay scenarios.

-San Andreas State Troopers
-Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
-Los Santos Police Department
-San Andreas Fire Rescue
-Server Safety Team

Reliability when seeking a community is an important mutual requirement, you as the user must trust that our administration will keep you and your information safe as a member of SAER- Let me reinsure you that all staff members and influential beings inside of our community are trained to a professional standard- the privacy and security of our users is high priority.

If you are interested in becoming law enforcement, department command, staff, etc-- please join the discord and let me know!