San Andreas DPS | FivePD & Civilian | SASP & SAFR

San Andreas Department of Public Safety RolePlay is a new server offering a blended RP interaction of both FivePD and Civilians. We currently offer 3 departments listed below. We offer custom uniforms, vehicles, buildings, scripts, equipment, and many more add-ons to help the RP experience(new uniforms/equipment/scrips etc being added based on feedback from community members). Experienced staff. Multiple community members coming from various branches of public safety. Check us out at our discord and complete the quick application!

DISCORD: San Andreas DPS

The SASP provides statewide law enforcement coverage utilizing 3 stations, 26 vehicles/various miscellaneous equipment and 7 divisions.
-Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
-Special Response Team

The SAFR provides statewide fire/ems/rescue coverage utilizing 4 stations, 7 vehicles/various miscellaneous equipment and 4 divisions.
-Spec Ops

The civs provide statewide civilian interactions. There are 3 civilian classes each unlocking additional permissions and activities.
-Basic Civ
-Intermediate Civ
-Advanced Civ

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this server is fun for those who love to rp as a cop or ems. if you looking to improve your cop rp or ems rp come join this one

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One of the best roleplay groups around. Helpful friendly staff always willing to train new members. So if you’re new to the roleplay scene or an experienced veteran come join and have some fun.

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if you are looking to join. lspd is hiring

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This is a great server with great people. Very interactive when it comes to the game play as LE, FD, EMS with AI and scenario based RP missions with other players. Enjoyable for all walks of life.
For those wishing to advance in rank or get involved with specialty units (K9, SWAT, EOD, etc.) this is a great server to play on. Command staff are very responsive and very supportive.
Great server for beginners or the experienced player.

NOTE: Some people on this server have either had real life experience or are currently working as First Responders. DO NOT come to the server with an ego or expectations of immediately taking on a command role just because of your real world life experience. Be humble, have fun and remember… ITS JUST A GAME!


still hiring for pd

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Both LSPD and Fire are amazing. I haven’t played BCSO so can’t answer. Fire is squiring new scripts all the time however LSPD is just amazing. Minor restructuring is adding more realism and excitement. Plenty of vehicles marked and unmarked as well as Marine, K9, Motor and Gang warfare specialties. Out Air current has a bell chopper with a Cessna coming soon for observations.

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This is an amazing server. If you are over 18 and got a mic and you are looking for a place without a bunch of unrealistic RP this is it. Stop playing with kids and get great RP. Join here

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New callouts were just added, as well as restructuring to increase RP. Join today before the rosters fill up! LSPD, SAFR, BCSO now hiring.

Can confirm, this community has a little bit of everything.

-Want to run K9, helping to chase down fleeing suspects or sniff out other drug paraphernalia? We got you.
-Want to help track vehicle or foot pursuits from the Air? Maybe you’d rather join the SA Fire Rescue, but want to support with Mercy Flights providing critical and immediate medical assets to both the County or City? All departments have Air qualified personnel, so we got you.
-Want to patrol as a Motorcycle pair? We got you.
-Think you got what it takes to be a participate in high-risk operations? All departments provide optional advanced Tactical Training for qualified personnel. Serving warrants on gang members, raiding drug compounds, or having tactical paramedics in the stack are all options. We got you.
-Want to patrol using a WIDE variety of vehicle options at your disposal? You better believe we got you.

Curious about other stuff? Come stop on by.

Our dev team has added new callouts to the server. Peds and vehicle occupants can now reach for items. Peds can charge at you if certain criteria is met. Much more realism added.

All departments are accepting applications!

This is an amazing server!! here are a couple videos that you can watch to see how awesome this server truly is. Attempt to elude Pursuit with motorcycle - YouTube
Code 3 RP Join today - YouTube

Code 3 Roleplay is one of the best servers around. If you are looking for a mature, fun, but serious server, this is the one to choose. Everyone is friendly and helpful. If you have questions, they will provide you answer. If they don’t know the answer, they will get back to you with the correct answer. I’m biased because I’m on the LSPD force, so I’ll say LSPD is a ton of fun!!! We have a patrol times that are reasonable and working to create more! Join us now!!!

Please see description! Come be apart of the team

Good Server we are still working to constantly keep the game fun and interesting, We have a great group of people with real world experience and hope to bring the most realistic feel while still having fun. We hope to see you all soon!

All new custom skins and custom police and fire vehicles added. Custom stations added. Many more additions. ALL DEPARTMENTS HIRING San Andreas DPS