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San Andreas Department of Justice

(New Server!)

Hello! I am Nathan H. Price, the Director & Founder of The San Andreas Department of Justice. The SADOJ is a new and upcoming Roleplay Community within FiveM and we are hoping to have the upmost realistic, finest, and the most diverse roleplay scenes! The San Andreas Department of Justice is looking for various positions filled, mostly we are looking for department heads and the positions we are looking for are listed below:

  • SADOJ Administration (Moderators & New Deputy Director)
  • San Andreas Department of Public Safety (Troopers & Dept. Administration, Needed)
  • San Andreas Fire Commission (Dept. Commissioner, Needed)
  • San Andreas Department of Communications (Dept. Commissioner, Needed)

If you are interested in one of these positions you may contact me VIA our communications server below:

Thank you, if you have any questions you may also ask them via the communications server above.


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bump bump

The siscord link is invalid

That’s because they shut down.