San Andreas Department of Justice RP | Newcomers Welcome | Departments Hiring | Semi-Serious Menu Based | Streamer / E-Girl Friendly | Community-Driven | Custom Assets

San Andreas Department Of Justice RP | [SA-DOJRP]

Would you like to be a part of a vMenu based Semi-Serious RolePlay style community? well you’re in luck! San Andreas Department of Justice Roleplay is a newly founded vMenu server PUBLIC for everyone!, come check us out! We’re looking to add new members driven to create unique experiences, interested in fun legitimate RP.

Community Requirements:

  • Working Microphone
  • Legal copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 installed
  • Must Be 13+ according to Discord policies
  • Common Sense
  • Respect

Positions We Are Hiring For:

  • Los Santos Police Department: Open! (13+)
  • San Andrea’s State Trooper: Open! (15+)
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office: Open! (15+)
  • San Andrea’s Fire & Rescue: Closed/Unavailable!
  • Civilian Department: Open (PUBLIC)

Server Features:

 - Civilian Cars/Trucks
 - Custom Discord Bot(s) For Members 
 - Non-ELS Based
 - Phone Script (Marketplace | Actual Pictures | Post a Picture on Twitter | Call/Text a Friend.. SO MUCH MORE!)
 - Custom made Maps/Scripts/Vehicles/EUP
 - Donator/Supporter Vehicles


Server Information:
IP: Connect
Discord: San Andreas Department of Justice Roleplay
FiveM Server Link: Server List


Join our discord for more screenshots!

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Preview: New-Phone-Who-Dis (NPWD) Trailer - YouTube

Join our discord for more info!


Great server looking for more members really organized and a good community!

(post deleted by author)


Good server ran by good management and staff

great staff very fun server lots of good cars