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Don’t join this server


Come join server and meet some whacky characters. From a cheeseburger criminal, to a familiar pirate, or a mysterious wotch. Plenty of whitelisted jobs available and recommended. Updates coming in fast and a very friendly community. Also beginner friendly.

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Now hiring LEO, EMS! Inquire within!

Do you mean by police mains?

Sorry if there was any misunderstanding!

What I mean by police mains is that we have a need for more police officers. Anyone is free to join the server and RP in the manner that they choose (within the rule). But specifically we need a stronger police presence, as many servers do. :slight_smile:

Honestly love this server been in it for months! I love all the people in it! The city runs so smooth, come try us out!! We have a lot to offer and everyone is super friendly and willing to help anyone and everyone!!

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Buuuuump! Come join us you wont be disappointed!!

Rebrand is here! Join SinCity RP!

Luxury Auto Store

Redline Performance MLO Garage

Tuner Shop MLO Garage

Vespucci PD MLO

Premium Deluxe Motorsport (PDM)

Fully Working Arcades!