SALife - the most advanced roleplay server on fivem

This is the best rp server i have played yet hands down. There is never a dull moment and the staff is great.

the admins are fantastic. what a great server to be a part of. and the community is awesome!

thanks so much! appreciate all you guys!

would love to see new people come check out this awesome server we’ve built

new discord link please

updated link

This server and community is awesome… plain and simple! If you are looking for a place to get some quality roleplay, without the BS, SALife is the place for you! Dedicated Dev work, an incredibly attentive and respectful staff team, and the player base is the best mix of quality and fun roleplayers that I have ever encountered! New and experienced players have a home here - Server is constantly growing and adjusting!! 10/10 across the board!

thanks for the awesome review

Refreshing the map and some of our assets :slight_smile:

have been playing on the server and it has been great. really fun community with good rp

Lots of new jobs and fun things to do!

Great new starting experience for players, new player interactive features, and awesome new maps/visual appeal that will blow your mind in the RP world. Super fun, should definitely check it out.

just put some time in on that new player stuff

new phone released!