Saint Denis Undertaker open

This package includes Saint Denis Undertaker open.
The Building comes with (3 Floors and 5 Rooms).

The MICO System is included.

No Ymap or Ytyp File for the Interior Prop´s so no RedM :961 crashes anymore.

No new YDR File. so no Pool Size Error. All is Original RDR.

Each Floor has its own collision sound.

Custom shadows add to the interiors immersion.

All Doors have a doorhash and can be used in every housing script.

There is no Teleport. You can use the original door to walk in all Buildings.

Best performance for your server. All houses and MICOS´s can be viewed on the Spooni Showcase Server.
There are over 75 House Props, 35 MLO´s/MICO´s and over 8.000 Furniture Props in one place.



| Code is accessible | Yes
| Subscription-based | Yes
| Lines (approximately) | 105
| Requirements | non
| Support | Yes