how many mlos does this have? also does it come with houses premade out the box? if so how many?

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Major bug, and dev refused to fix that first. Then i had to open a refund ticket on tebex then they tried to fix it bu still buggy so i don’t recommend you to buy this at all.

the bug is, you die when you log out in home.

they fixed the death issue but now new problem is, when you buy a house, you’re in another bucket for ever even if you log out outside of home. When you reconnect if you got a house, the script will send you to the bucket with your house id, even if you’re not in the house or didn’t log out in house.

(will update this message if they fix it.)

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Did this ever get fixed?

i don’t know im not following the resource or its updates anymore, but they only say esx version works but qb doesn’t etc. so not recommended at all. Just wasted money on it.

For some servers, it may be necessary to reconfigure the script. We offered him a restructuring. He said he didn’t want this because the server terminated his project.