RSM thanks you, FiveM

I had jumped into FiveM development back in December, and ever since then, I have been hammering development of my first server; RSM Freeroam. Sure. Seems like the usual; bunch of cars n crap. But have you ever seen shrek wielding a lightsaber while on a golden flying turd, terrorizing the citizen of Los Santos? No? Hmm.

Anyhow; I had seen that FiveM was flooded with the same generic crap; ESX, Roleplay, blah blah blah. I aim to make a more unique environment for my players in FiveM. We got Freeroam, which always has something to do, our tsunami flood survival server currently coming into its ALPHA phase soon, and Battlefront (Star Wars themed server) is currently in development, with a few other servers in mind!

Point is; thank you FiveM for re-introducing be back into coding. I hope with my progress & knowledge on this, this will help me achieve more goals in my life’s path. Thank you FiveM for giving me the opportunity to bring a new experience to your players. And thank you for being better than GTA:O :joy: