RP Server seeking development assistance

We are a new and upcoming FiveM RP Server. We aim to be different from other servers by offering a fresh approach to RP. We offer a serious, but fun RP experience. (I will not got into too much detail on the server visions on here, however feel free to PM me on discord, which can be found below).

Who I am.
I am James, the founder and lead developer of Peak. I will first admit I am new to FiveM development specifically, however I have been an avid roleplayer for a while now playing many FiveM servers and other games such as Garry’s Mod DarkRP.
My development background comes in from Garry’s Mod, which as some may know is similar to FiveM in the fact it is LUA based. I owned a large RP server on Garry’s Mod which was ran for nearly 2 years before I decided to very reluctantly close it down due to other commitments.
At the current time, we have a server which we are developing daily, I am experimenting and using this a live test server whilst practicing my code.

Who I am looking for.
As mentioned above, I am fairly new to FiveM development, I am learning rather quickly and haven’t come across too many obstacles yet. However, I am looking for a second developer to work alongside myself, I am quite open on how the developer wants to work, if needs be I am happy to purchase a separate server for the developer to practice on and use this to push live updates, financially I am not in a worrying position, the server will receive anything it needs.
The second developer has the opportunity to run the community alongside myself if this is something they’re interested in. My main focus is to find someone who wants to strive to achieve a good, unique RP server like myself and make this happen by coding features, big and small that will separate us from all other servers.

Contacting me.
As mentioned above, Discord is the best way to contact me, please feel free to send me a friends request, I am usually active most of the day and will respond. Whether you have a question about the server, about me or anything else, just drop me a message.

Discord: jms#0533

Thank you to all giving your time to read this,
peace x

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I’ll be at your service. Added you on Discord

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So in regards to development are you looking for new resources to be developed or are you looking for someone to install / modify etc?

I’m looking for a bit of both, I’m not looking for a “developer” to come and drag and drop files on per say, I’m looking for someone who can customise addons, create custom addons alongside me to better the RP experience for players - I like the idea of a community ridden server where players suggest things they want, and if they’ll improve the RP experience we add, so yes to an extent some might be a case of finding addons and dragging and dropping them but other times we may need to customise and code our own addons.
Please if you’re interested add me on Discord: jms#0533 and we can talk more on there.

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Bumping this still looking for a developer to work with me.

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Still looking for a developer. Please get in contact if interested.

My Discord is jms#9999

Still looking for a developer. Please get in contact if interested.

My Discord is jms#9999

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I’ve added you. Sinester#4715