RP at it's best!

I have been playing on Phoenix-RP for about a year now.
The Devs are quick to fix and update and have fantastic jobs and scripts to help enhance the RP on the server.
TRhe staff team are quick to help with issues and are only a report in game away.
With a good PD Department, EMS service, DOJ, Mechanics, Realeastate, Cardealers, Food businesses as well as bars and clubs as well as others like towing company and taxis. It is great.
the Crew system allows gangs to work well together as well as doing certain criminal activities that bring high rewards, but not without risk from the law!

The RP experienced here is just fanatstic, So many quality players and streamers that help you feel like you want to log in and RP your story.
This is a server I certainly reccomend for RPers. Fun, welcoming and a server with content that works!


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