Room for Growth

I have been searching for a good city/discord with a structured Police Department. There are an abundance of departments such as: SAST (San Andreas State Troopers, BCSO (Blaine County Sheriffs Office), LSPD (Los Santos Police Department), and even Game Wardens! The police departments each have their own SOPs, Rules and Guidelines, and training for each rank level. Now, as far as my experience as being apart of “Serving and Protecting”, There are many diversities and backgrounds, but all share the common goal within each department. 80% of the Officers hold the RP to the highest standard, while there are a few that tend to “veer off the path” and need to be reminded to stay on track. There is a 3 strike Rule that is enforced, so those that disregard those polices are no longer with PD and/or City.

There is also Civ Rp. The RP rules apply to them as well. In my experience so far, I would say 25% Civilians RP correctly, and others tend to need training on how to be a civilian. The balance is off a little bit, but even as members, we all work together to give After Action Reviews to enhance everyone’s abilities to get the proper RP that stands out from others.

There is room to Grow, I would give this server a 4 out of 5 stars, due to the fact that not everything is perfect. The Leadership is 95% active in listening to our suggestions, and new and improved gameplay has been added that makes all other servers seem “Ancient”.

While I don’t agree on some things that happen, I stay in RP and mind my own business to keep my name away from the admins so I am not involved in anything that isn’t RP. If you don’t cause problems, you can enjoy a nice RP city without the hassle of RPGS blowing you up everytime you respawn. This has never happened, but compared to others…seems to be a common problem everywhere else.

If you are looking for good laughs, make new friends, and have that realistic RP for PD or Civilians / EMS / Firetrucks…whatever you enjoy, come play here. Respect goes along way as on radio chat, you will hear alot of Yes Sirs, and No Sirs. You won’t find fighting here in this server thankfully.

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