Rolling (Aim and space)

I have a mysterious problem that I don’t understand, it’s when my character rolls (aims and jumps) the time it takes between rolls is 8 seconds, while on other server or gta he is 3-4 seconds, can someone tell me this is what please

The server would just have a lot of Desync (Lag), Try to see if the server is hosted on the other side of the world but if it is kinda local to you it also might be your Wifi, but as it is only happening on 1 server it would be something to do with desync and lag

Sorry if any of this didnt work :slight_smile:

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thank you for your answer, do you think that the fact that my resources (ambulancejob, policejob …) randomly crash after a while has a relation with the desync too? I am with zaphosting and I have a good rootserver
exemple after 3h i have this: Couldn’t find resource esx_police.

Well if it doesn’t work just for that server then it would be something on the server