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We now have a working phone and plenty more! You can send texts to other players and tweet (coming soon)!

We now have an even better phone with working twitter.

As well as some great new interiors and a growing member base!

We have now implemented a few new scripts such as a fully working medical system! We have also undergone a few changes to staff and rules. If you want more information or want to apply feel free to check out our website at we have also purchased the Nforce pack by redneck witch includes some new features and a amazing looking fleet CID has also received a few new vehicles! We are also looking for department heads to run State, and SAFR!

At the moment it appears our website has ran into some issues it should be fixed within the hour

Unfortunately due to lack of member base we are going to be discontinuing the server until further notice sorry for the inconvenience.

We’re back and better than ever baby! 32 members strong. See the original post for details.

We now have new assets including a new fleece for all first responder departments!


-GC Phone is back in our server (without ESX!)
-We now have an economy script that allows us to transfer money between players adding to the roleplay without removing the vMenu side of things.
-We are now a 24 hour community! You can patrol whenever you like.

New civ EUP, fire scripts, liveries, etc showcased in this video!

Hi, if you are looking for an experienced LSPD Heads, We’d be interested in applying. You can find more about us here: 2 experienced department heads looking for a new community!

This server’s FiveM server is now closed due to lack of funding.