Rockstar's TOS, what does this mean for modders & server owners?

A better description was given by @d-bubble go here to read on it.

Incase you haven’t heard about I recommend you check it out here, and what this could mean for some mods out there.

As most of you probably heard by now Rockstar has recently made an official post on they’re support page and now within they’re terms on third party “Roleplay” servers which are an extension of the rich array of community-created experiences within Grand Theft Auto & Red Dead Redemption 2.

After reading up on this, this is a big issue for people running they’re own FiveM servers, and as well affecting a lot of mods for both singleplayer & FiveM, such as real-word vehicle brands, characters, as well as affecting trademarks, music, and generating revenue.

This mean’s generating revenue such as having “loot boxes” which can fall under real-word or virtual currencies which as most call it “pay to win” type server’s, but I’m not getting into that detail on “pay to win” items, I’m just explaining the new TOS.

So a lot of issues come down to if you run a server, and people can pay for vehicles, items, or whatever for that server is now against the TOS, this also means you cannot have vehicle’s with real-world brand names, or have partnerships with real-word stations like Simulator Radio, and so on, this also affects mods that help bring live radio station’s into game’s like HellSlicer’s FiveM Radio, which would now be considered against TOS.

If you have any more question’s or want to help add-on to this, feel free to comment down below as well, and I will update this as much as I can to help improve the understanding of what this would mean for FiveM server’s.

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lol fivem is not there official game service so how is it interfering don’t make sense

This does affect FiveM, cause it’s still falling under Rockstar Game’s TOS.

Update on this to, this also affects FiveM with what I quoted before.

This is not a license, and it does not constitute endorsement, approval, or authorization of any third-party project. Take-Two reserves the right to object to any third-party project, or to revise, revoke and/or withdraw this statement at any time in their own discretion. This statement does not constitute a waiver of any rights that Take-Two may have with respect to third-party projects.

its confirmed?

It affects third-party projects including FiveM.

if it was real nopixel would have gotten in shit by now

I’m against it because it’s a huge hit for me personally and the fact that my servers don’t get any monetization support means it’s a huge hit for most people. My server is inspired to build a more perfect role-playing community. Don’t care about profit. If it’s revenue from this product, that makes a difference for most people. Hope fivem’s explanation is kind to us. I believe they will give us a satisfactory answer. Hope to do better, this is my personal advice, it speaks for the individual, not the whole. I don’t want extra income, I just want to keep my server up and running.

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It’s going to be a disaster for most people it’s really too bad if it was the nopixel server they should already be in trouble. Because you can’t make money, it means you can’t afford server costs and fivem memberships. I hope the official can give us a reasonable explanation, my personal opinion is this.

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They probably will be, if they don’t change it around. Rockstar only found out about Lil Durk’s because he advertised loot boxes, etc. which made Rockstar update they’re policies.

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stop being greedy a fivem server is not a business it is a game a hang out… if ur in it as a business ur bound to fail.

Bro you don’t understand what I mean my purpose is not to make money but to build a more perfect roleplaying community I’m just worried if I can keep it up For other servers I don’t know I don’t know what to do with them at least I know what I should do manage

servers in our region. Really bad they put fivem. As a business, a money-making tool, it’s too bad they’re bound to fail. In the name of role-playing. It’s a bunch of bastards to drain players’ money. I’m sure they will fail, it’s really too bad. They’re going to fail because they take it as a business. . Just a bunch of assholes. The price of paid items is horrible.

Let’s say IRL Car’s will be not allowed on fivem, does creating custom vehicles under gta’s car brands will be allowed?

Thats the part where im confused on, because it even says about Rockstars Intellectual Property (IP), I would say maybe come up with your own car brand?

i hope not

Also what would that mean for custom weapons?
Because there are a lot of very nice models from IRL guns. I presume at least car and gun sounds don’t fall under this rule.

CFX never cared about Rockstar ToS when they forked their game and ripped off all their code and IP themselves. But now theyve made multiple millions off the back of someone else’s hard work, they choose now to turn their back on paying patron’s and customers in fear of facing a lawsuit themselves…

Personally I think cfx should lower patreon and upvote prices to reflect the loss in revenue servers will now incur.

Cfx should also take a rockstar lawsuit on the chin, they knew what they were risking when they set an entire company up piggybacking off rockstars hard work so, I think its pretty cowardly and hypocritical of CFX to be trying to enforce this.

You can’t stop the flow of ideas and interest in doing stuff, hence why this platform existed from the beginning. By that principle it’s hard to understand why the same entity would prohibit earning when it’s the users idea and content and hosting that runs and not theirs.

yes. only copyrightet content is verbose


Nothing you’re saying in your post, including this main premise, is even based on any truth.

Please read the following post:

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We don’t need more ‘weird’ speculative topics where people spread an incorrect narrative.