💰 Robberies Creator [ESX/QBCore] - in-game heists creation menu without server restart

If we purchase one of these scripts or bundles we get full, unrestricted access to the source files correct? Your prices are extremely high for something that’s obfuscated or encrypted.

Hello, no, as already written in multiple places, the script uses FiveM asset escrow

If your server cannot afford my scripts feel free to not use them :+1:

Have a nice day :grin:

Ok so you’re offering $200 USD bundle packages that are encrypted or obfuscated, without giving source files to the consumer? Is this a joke?
As far as “Afford” I could literally buy you, Your house, and every asset you own. Please, do not patronize me with this “Afford” Bullshit. I’m a grown up, Not one of the children you are used to dealing with.

Add option to hack Alarm.

Some terminal that triggers an alarm is fine. But also add the option to disconnect the Alarm, for example for 5 minutes, give the option of a time for reactivating the alarm, etc.

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Unfortunately, that’s the way it is… it’s a shame that I didn’t put certain things in encrypted and be able to edit it.

This is how we have to ask for news, fixes, etc… Instead of the player fixing or modifying it himself.

For example, I have a problem with 3D Texts. I’m using StreamCustomFonts and I don’t have the option to add it… So I have to use HTML coding. Which is also useless… :smiley:
Another option simply blocks it:

  • Custom texts to ShowFloatingHelpNotification
  • Editable locales + script
  • StreamFontCustom
    and other things in which encrypted prevents us decent people from…

As I said, you are free to not get the script, it’s not a secret that my scripts use the FiveM asset escrow, if the script doesn’t fit your needs, nobody forces you to buy it

Regarding that you can buy me and the other stuff, that’s cringe honestly, you demonstrated the opposite of being “a grown up”

There are many free alternatives with source code available which may fit better your needs :+1:

I wish you a nice day :grin:

we would like to do a jewelry store robbery.
it would be cool here if you could smash the windows of the showcases and then get the jewels out and then the alarm would go on

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Update 2.5

  • Fixed an issue that could make the guards to flee


Open up some parts or add possibilities to do a fingerprint drop or blood drop as the have in qb core.

Info about fingerprint

Have an awesome day :grinning:

Ability to put passive guards and peds so they dont just automatically attack and so bank heist can have ppl in it

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Guards should not be in the first stage of a heist

My days are always nice. I don’t produce assets that are locked behind a paywall. Stuff like this needs banned from all forums, because it’s just a scam.
It is a nice mod, none-the-less. However it’s crazy that people get away with this kind of practice. I’m looking into filing formal complaints on this matter.

I’m happy for you about that, you are a lucky person :grin:

It’s nice to hear you like my work, I appreciate it :heart:

About the fact the script is protected by FiveM asset escrow, that’s normal in my opinion, personally I’ve seen enough people reselling or sharing leaks of my hard work, so that won’t just happen anymore, I’m sure you can understand the situation

I wish you a nice day @IIIGSXRIII :grin:

Wow that’s dope man! :100:

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Please add a possibility to select if you want to add all Robbed_Items at once!

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Thank you, I’m glad you like it :grin:

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Hi, it would be great if you add the option to the menu that the police can be alerted when starting the first action.
For example when you thermite a door at the beginning of a robbery, the police will be alerted when you start the thermite process and not after it.
In some buildings its not so easy to make a robbery longer.

If its possible it would be nice if we can choose between some predefined speeds for taking money from a table to make that longer or shorter in each case.

In the last days I tried it in many MLOs… amazing job