💰 Robberies Creator [ESX/QBCore] - in-game heists creation menu without server restart

Please put options to put timer that if the robbers comes out the robbery will cancel thanks

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Robbable objects make this any object instead of the 3 i wanna do drug heists

It would be very good if in order to edit and make it more compatible with other police scripts we have an open code or an event where we can edit the search for service police since we often do not use another job that is off_police if we do not use the same job police

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Robberies Creator 4.3

  • Updated functions that checks police members server side, to improve compatibility

but you can change the original police counter, it would be good since I need to put an export in the police counter in service so that they cannot steal if they are not in service, the export is this
If it is on the server side it would be this

so it’s client side it would be this

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is there a way to make it that you can set waypoints that will go on the gps for in between points of the robbery. For example first part they go to 1 building to find a item, then next they go to somewhere else on the map, is there a way to make a waypoint in that robbery that says go to the beach for the next step and it also sets a GPS on the map this is really needed in the robbery creator players get lost in the middle of the robbery/heist. i notice this is put in the new missions creator.

Hey, love the script one suggestion, can you look into adding the option from the founderies in the farming creator script to have an explosion on failure, would be awesome to make a heist and have a risk of explosion be ever looming !!!

Great scripts deffo recommend.