RKL Clothing with any Clothing Shop META DATA item

try to redownload

No error in the console, but some clothes work but others do not work.
when I use the glasses he puts on a hat haha

use v3

it’s v3 on the video man

its not i make diff one

I just downloaded it is v3, the link on this post. With the commands it works, but I still have the problem of the hats which are put in the place of the glasses.

how would you specify different names of different clothes if you wanted to have clothes in a drop (etc)? also no chain?

wicked work though

wait for the update for the accessories chain bracelet and more

And what do you mean by different clothes?

i was thinking having the clothes in drops so there’d be different clothes etc.
If someone stole your clothes would they then be able to put them on?

yea it is ots meta data

dope script only thing is if i relog with all the clothing off its all back on or change my outfit in the outfit menu

its fix in my server will release soon

Hello, I have a very big problem when I buy a garment, I don’t know why, I receive two in my inventory. I don’t understand where it came from, I have no errors in the console, nor in the f8 can you help me please?

did you use the old one?try removing it

The old one? We agree that to use your script, you have to install the inventory, rprogress, the shop, then to finish the v3 of your last clothes scripts? Because on my side, I encounter various problems, first of all, the item is duplicated but it is an error that I managed to resolve by restarting the script / by changing the order of the starts. Subsequently, when I buy an item of clothing, it remains in the inventory, so if I carry out the / torso command, well I end up with two items of clothing in my inventory, one usable, that of / torso and the other no. Then when I go to buy another torso, I find myself in the same situation as before. Also I just noticed an error in the f8

I wonder if making an installation video would be useful for some people, showing the order of starts, etc. etc. It remains an idea of ​​course, in any case your work is excellent, continue like this

remove the old one and use the new one you can choose any kind of clothing shop

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check the video i have link the support if you need help contact me

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same problem here