RisK RP ⚡ | v0.7 | NOW HIRING! | .gg/RiskRP | Semi-Serious | Cayo Perico | $4M Starting | Gangs | Turf Wars | 3+ Heists | Casino | Properties

What Makes RisK RP Special?
We have a lightning bolt, in case you missed it.


  • Police/EMS/Mechanic & Hitman [Semi-Whitelisted]
  • Trucker, Taxi Driver, Miner, Garbage Collector & More! [Non-Whitelist]


  • Bloods, Crips, Mafia & Cartel! Find your crew today!

Illegal Activities

  • Bank Heists, Store Robberies, Drug Farms & Drug Missions!! You can even sell certain drugs to PEDs!

Unique Features

  • Weapon Manufacturing (With Levels)
  • Custom Vehicles, Clothes, and Buildings!
  • Advanced Vehicle Upgrades (Engine, Tires, etc.)
  • Balanced Economy
  • Gang/Group Activities!
  • Cayo Perico with Flights :zap:


We are ACTIVELY searching for Staff, Department Heads, City Characters, etc etc. I’m not asking that you be the most professional staff ever, but I do expect all applicants to want to be a part of a TEAM! If you feel as though you’ll make a great fit for the server, or just wanna come check us out, join the Discord

Just tried clicking on your discord link and it appears it dosent work for me.

Fixed! Sorry about that

v0.3 Out Now!


  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • BlackJack


  • Port Job Added

Miscellaneous Additions

  • Investing $$$
  • Repair Kits
  • /transfervehicle
  • Boat Shop
  • More Garage Locations

v0.3.1 Changelog

Added Gang Clothing For The Following Gangs -

  • Cartel
  • Mafia
  • Bloods
  • Crips

Join Now!! Discord ip - riskrp.net

Referral System Added!
Type “/redeemcode Midnight” In-Game For A Free Mil In-Game!

You Can Also Create Your Own Code!
"/createcode test123" - Each Time Someone Uses Your Code You Get A Mil!!


  • Gang Clothes Added To Shop! Use an Outfit to Instantly change clothes!
  • Weapon Parts Collection Areas Updated
  • Updated HUD

v0.4 Changelog

  • More Gang Clothes
  • Referral System
  • Jail System

Crafting System Update

[1] - Pistols, Extended Clip, Suppressor, Ammo
[2] - SMGs, Weapon Flashlight, SMG Ammo
[3] - ARs, Shotguns, Unmarked + Shotgun Ammo
[4] - Sniper Rifles, Sniper Ammo
[5] - Mk II Weapons, LMG Ammo

v0.5 Update

  • Police MDW/CAD Added! | /mdw
  • Illegal Businesses!! | Earn passive income
  • Gang/Turf Wars | Earn Money, Items, & Weapons With Your Gang!
  • New Notification System: 50% Added

v0.6 Changelog

  • New Weed Shop
  • Complete Clothing Revamp (400+)
  • Added VIP System
  • Crafting XP Boosts | 4 Weed Grades

v0.7 Out Now

Changelogs Moved To Discord

v0.8 Out!

Some Things Added
- Rob NPCs
- Hitman Job
- Bluetooth Stereo (play your music!)
- /wardrobe (save outfits)
- New LS Customs UI

V1.0 Coming Soon!