Righteous Rp | Recruiting EMS and Civs | Unique Jobs | FX ready

On behalf of the Admin team at Righteous RP we would love to show you our community. We are a group of like minded individuals that enjoy creating RP scenarios and meeting other people with the same mindset. We have a set Police department and are looking to hire EMS, Fire and of course Civilians. We may be looking to hire a few more officers. The server is FX Ready.

What we offer:

Proper RP
Civilian led Role-play Scenarios
Decent Paychecks
Bank Delivery Driver (using own vehicle and skin)
Drug seller
Laboratory Rental (used to make cocaine, weed ect)
Hacking Job
Custom fire script

We are a small dedicated group that enjoys RP. We have a few civilian created Businesses in the works and hope to add more as the community grows. The server is at the end of the development stage and our Grand Opening is set for Monday August 7th.

Come check out our discord at: https://discord.gg/fWnzwtp
we would love to meet you!!

Search Righteous Rp in the Five M server list

Honestly a very good server. I really recommend joining this server. Everything from hacking jobs, to weed runs, and to custom assets all here! Really good and closely comparable with FamilyRP. You join and decide!!

Thank you for checking out our server. We are continuing to grow and still looking for more EMS members and Civilians for all time zones. Our grand opening was a great success and look forward to meeting new members.

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