RHD Animation

Hello! Does anyone know how to fix the animation when entering the vehicle, as it is right now i get teleported into the car and when leaving the car the ped bumps up thru the roof.
current cars i try to get fixed is thoose:

I used to have this problem just make sure you have the vehicle layouts.meta above the vehicles.meta file in the fxmanifest.lua like this

fx_version 'adamant'

game 'gta5'


files {







data_file 'HANDLING_FILE' 'handling.meta'

data_file 'VEHICLE_LAYOUTS_FILE' 'vehiclelayouts.meta'

data_file 'VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE' 'vehicles.meta'

data_file 'CARCOLS_FILE' 'carcols.meta'

data_file 'VEHICLE_VARIATION_FILE' 'carvariations.meta'

-- and a client script

client_script 'names.lua'
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Hi @DrDJ ive been trying for a while now with the diffrent Rhd car but i only seem to get it working on the r35 and not the other cars listed on gta5 mods website, do you know eny fix for this?

What I posted is the only way I know of sorry

hey how did you get it to work for the r35