Revive Script For FX Server [/revive (id)

Hey Everyone,
I have been trying to find a script that revives players in the chat for example, /revive [ID], And the player will be revived, I have been trying to find one of these scripts but when I come along something like it, The script has been deleted.
And i have also been looking for /adminrevive. This script is for the people in the server thaat have Admin perms. So they only need to do /adminrevive and they will respawn.

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This script seems to fit your needs.

Best of luck!

Alright thank’s. But one more question do anyone got like the right program to add loadingscreen with music when you load into your FiveM server?

Many loading screen scripts have that built in. It’s not really a program.

If you already like a certain loading screen but it doesn’t have music then download one that does have music and just move the music player element into the loading screen that doesn’t have it.

Best of luck!

be nice we had this for redm standalone