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Quality update

This update applies to both FiveM and RedM. A summary of changes follows:

  • FIND_RESOURCE_KVP on the client no longer strips the incorrect prefix length.
  • The ‘quit’ button is no longer ignored for the first few seconds after opening the main menu.
  • The chat script will no longer be able to enqueue excessive onClientResourceStart events which could lead to a slow first frame.
  • A few internal code cleanup/bug fixes that should have no significant effect have been made/implemented.
  • FiveM: Support game build 2612. This build is functionally equivalent to 2545, except it adds around 20 more slots for DLC clothing packs.
  • FiveM: The game now correctly tries to reload when trying to load a localGame or the replayEditor from the console.
  • FiveM: Reload vehicle_paint_ramps.#td after DLC loading, so this can now be loaded from user content (b2372+) to enable chameleon paint.
  • FiveM: Fix an issue where the game would refuse to launch or show UI if “ReShade” was installed as 'd3d9.dll".
  • FiveM: Add delta downloads to allow switching from game build 2612 to lower builds without redownloading update.rpf.
  • RedM: Ignore FiveM servers in the server list, so tag counts are correct now.