Restore missing interiors

Hey guys, I was driving around LS when I noticed that some parts of the map are missing (here’s the screenshot).

Is it ever possible to bring back missing map chunks? I tried playing with the following natives:


But it didn’t work. Probably something’s wrong. May be someone knows a solution for this and could share it? Thanks in advance.

i dont think that is possible ATM because we are stuck with whatever is in 1.0.505.2

THose parts just don’t exist yet.

@kanersps, so you mean that the FIB interior, that was in the original story mode is missing in online mode, right?

The OpenAllInteriors.asi will fix that problem.

hello I have the same problem where is the fix ?

( missing stuff list i have noticed for the moment : life invader , Pillbox Hill medical , the car shop can be fix with vehicle shop by Artur , FIB )