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Rockford PD is now open and ready to be used! If you are interested in joining the a police department then look no further. We have a range of open positions in a range of different divisions. The current stations that you can run out of are as follows:

  • Division 1 - Davis PD (the home of the gang intel unit)
  • Division 2 - Mission Row PD (home of the air support unit and traffic enforcement)
  • Division 3 - Vespucci PD (home of the marine and K9 unit)
  • Division 4 - Los Santos Freeway (home of the state troopers)
  • Division 5 - Sandy Shores PD (the home of the BCSO)

You can apply for the police department in our discord under the #job-applications channel. We hope to see you soon!

New car transport heist has just been added, here are some our members doing this heist in the style of “Fast and Furious”. We hope you enjoy. :racing_car:

Discord: Respawn Roleplay

New updates just in!

  • Water Activities Added (para-sailing, banana boat, loungers etc) :speedboat: :sun_with_face:
  • Catalytic Converter Theft (go around robbing expensive parts from vehicles to sell at the fence, vehicles that have been tampered with will have large amounts of smoke from the exhaust) :carpentry_saw: :oncoming_automobile:

Come and check it out!

Discord: Respawn Roleplay

Changelog: 18th September 2023


  • New police uniforms (LSPD, BCSO & Troopers) :cop:
  • Fixed some male and female clothes (still more to be fixed) :tools:
  • Added LS Customs clothing :mechanic:
  • Added the gang clothing for the Sons of Asgard MC :motor_scooter:
  • Fixed performance issues when driving a tesla :zap: :electric_plug:

Changelog: 26th September 2023

Mining Job Update

  • The job pay has been increased to match other jobs. :coin:
  • There is now only 1 location to wash stones, a prop has also been added to make this area easier to find.
  • You now need to clock in as a miner, you can do that by using your third eye on the store ped. :briefcase:
  • You can now also get a job vehicle that will provide you with loads more space in comparison to other vehicles. :truck:
  • The washing time has now been lowered to increase overall payout. :arrow_down_small:
  • Added miner outfit that is set when clocking in. :tshirt:

Other Updates

  • Landscaping job payout has now been changed to be level with other jobs. :level_slider:
  • Electrician job payout has now been changed to be level with other jobs. :level_slider:
  • Landscaping job now shows markers instead of needing to third eye random areas. :mag:
  • Mechanic job has had a full-rewrite, more items have been added but the functions are very similar to before. :hammer_and_wrench:

Trucker Job

  • Added the ability to purchase your own truck(s). :truck: :moneybag:
  • Added the ability to hire your own AI drivers that will make money for you. Each driver will need their own vehicle assigned and they will only make you money when you are in the server. :briefcase: :construction_worker_man:

Inventory Update

  • The inventory UI has been overhauled, please let us know what you think. :shopping:
  • There are now multiple different weapon stores/licenses. You can purchase them from the court house.
  • Melee Weapons and Ammo can be accessed by everyone. :hocho:
  • The tier 1 weapon license will allow you to purchase handguns. :gun:
  • The tier 2 weapon license will allow you to purchase shotguns/SMGs. :gun: :gun:
  • The tier 3 weapon license will allow you to purchase rifles. :gun: :gun: :gun:
  • Please note if you purchased a weapon license before you will only be able to access handguns, if you want other weapons you will need another license