Resource Time warning

Hey all, since the FiveM update today/last night I have been getting a Resource time warning message when playing on a server (Specifically my own)

Is there any way to fix this issue? I can’t find any FiveM documentation for it anywhere.





If you’re the server developer / owner, you can either remove the resource or fix the resource. Those are your two options.


Well it would help if we knew what was wrong with the resource. Or even disable the message. What if its taking long because it needs to load data? That message should be able to be disabled


So essentially you want the FiveM collective to create something to review your entire script databases to determine what exactly is wrong with your resource and tell you how to fix it?

OR you can simply learn how to make your codes more efficiently, I’d highly consider reviewing your Citizen.CreateThreads, if I recall those are commonly your hiccup.


Well this specific resource is a default FiveM Resource so they dun messed up with that one.

And it’s not like you can get rid of the notification either, it’s rather annoying.

So instead of giving relevant information to help solve the problem, what are you doing exactly?


You an get rid of the notification by either removing the resource or making it efficient enough that it doesn’t cause hitch warnings… /shrug

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its a resource you can not get rid of he is saying

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The resource causing the issue is the system sessionmanager, “-1ms, -2fps”.

And I am 100005% sure I haven’t even touched the code in there.

Let me have another look at it

mine is saying player names

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I’m aware, and I was giving him the answer.

You were told what to do with this.

Advise your players that you’re aware of it and allow the Collective to work on a patch.

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I guess the time warning message could be useful but I can see times where it would become an annoyance.

I’ve had another look (Restarting the server seems to have fixed it), It’s just “esx_sit” now so I’ll have a closer look into that.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Funny thing I saw today was that spawnmanager also cropped up in the resource timing debugger

How can i fix that funking issue please ?

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Hi, if it can help,
i’m replacing almost every
And there is no blinking markers and no longer Time Warning.


Sooo How do we know what resource it is? I don’t have the time to pull one by one out. And if it ends up being on Five M’s side then what do we do?

I did every resource where i got problems (one by one) and then i won about 25FPS (from 45 to 70)

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But it’s still showing the message right? All FiveM has todo is undo what they just did and it would help sooo many people.

No, we’d end up back with a bunch of inefficient servers continuing to run with people continuing to blame FiveM for their frame loss.

It tells you what resource is causing the issue… so you go to that resource. The Collective is aware of their resources that are tossing the error and like all server owners should be, are going through and fixing them.

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